Watching the ducks and Arizona…

A few quick thoughts on this:

1. This game is super important to recruiting, but not for the Beavers.  Arizona and the ducks are virtual clones of each other.  With Rich Rod being a hose-hold name (good or bad) and Helfritch being the new guy following a duck legend, this game is a good indicator of who is on the rise and who is not. Now recruiting is a wild and crazy myriad of gut feelings, pizzaz, fit and proximity to girlfriends future and past, but in terms of key positions like Quarterback and Running Back, if Arizona looks better than the ducks, maybe playing in the rain isn’t worth it.

2. Like all games like this, I enjoy seeing my hated rival do poorly, but I really don’t see anything that I can point at and say “OSU should do that” because Arizona is a completely different beast on offense. Defensively, I see a lot of similarities, and if OSU can do what Stanford and Arizona have done and that is stop the run, I think we will see OSU in a close game against the ducks.  The problem is neither of those teams are like OSU.  Had the ducks played USC and the Trojans had moved the ball all day on them, I would be more hopeful.  All this is showing me is that the ducks are tired, are mentally out of it a bit and I will take that.

As long as OSU can win today and not come into the Civil War the same way.

Let us know why you think we are a bunch of crap sacks... or if you love us. Or just want to say hi.