Wait, catch that baby!

As I look across the various OSU sports message boards, I find a trend that while deserved, is a little sad. And I feel a bit misdirected.  Much like only listening to one side of a divorce, hearing fans talk about the Beavers and their coaching staff is misleading in the facts.

According to BeaverBlitz.com Oregon State University has had the following recruiting classes:


Rivals Recruiting Rankings

Year Rivals Rank Conference Rank
2002 52 9
2003 51 10
2004 31 3
2005 47 9
2006 41 6
2007 47 9
2008 52 10
2009 54 10
2010 44 10
2011 55 8
2012 39 10
2013 39 8
2014 47 5

Viewing these numbers, it is pretty clear that the last four years were the creme of the crop.  While 2004 was the best class we have had in that time period.  You factor that in with the fact that during  2011 – 2012 OSU had no full time linebacker coach that could legally recruit.

The current team has 8 starters from 2009 and 2010 has 6. that means that 14 of OSU’s 22 offensive and defensive starters are from the two worst classes in the last five years.  This doesn’t include the two or three players on each side that have played but were not year long starters.  If that trend holds true, that means the two best classes won’t be represented in the starting lineup until the 2015 season.

So realistically, the improvements to recruiting won’t truly be felt for another two seasons.

Could Oregon State’s coaching staff be better recruiters?  Yes, of course, but they have been improving over the last few years. So while we are all disappointed, and furious, the whole sky is not falling. There are still items that continue to improve and Beaver Nation needs to recognize this as well.  There is hope for something better, but there is a lot of work ahead and the coaches have to be open to the innovation. Even if it is painful.

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