Lunch Lines Episode 1

Who doesn’t enjoy a little lunchtime reading? Every once in awhile during my lunch break, I am going to post some quick thoughts/ideas/questions. Feel free to chime in, and as always Go Beavers!

1. Keith Heyward is reportedly moving with Sark to USC. Great for him to be closer to home and add to his resume. OSU, UW, and now USC. Pretty impressive for a guy not much older than me. But I do hope Mike Riley at least reached out to him about returning to OSU. If not, GRRR.

2. Lost among the hoopla of Sark bolting for USC was the announcing of the All-Pac-12 teams. Cooks was a no-brainer. But I think Reynolds got shafted. He should’ve made the first team, not the second team. I’ve long maintained that he’s a better corner than Poyer was. I also felt that Mana Rosa should’ve received honorable mention. He has been the unsung hero of our defense. And it’s too bad the Beavers slid at the end of the season, because Mannion’s overall body of work is worthy of more than honorable mention.

3. Speaking of, I can’t believe Carey was named offensive player of the year. I am a huge fan of him. He’s my favorite back in the conference, but he didn’t even lead the Pac-12 in rushing and Arizona wasn’t a top team in the South. I think Cooks would’ve been a much better pick than Carey. Or even Sankey, who did lead the conference in rushing. Take Cooks away from OSU, and well, I don’t even want to think about it. As much as it pains me to say this, I think that QB down south deserved the honor.

4. The amount of criticism directed at Riley is at an all time high right now. Some of it’s warranted, and I am the first to admit I am not the biggest fan of Riley. But come on, let’s be realistic here, he isn’t going anywhere unless he steps down. The big question for me is this, who could OSU get that would be better? It’s really hard to come up with a list. That said, I’d love to see Jonathan Smith on staff. His resume is just as impressive as a certain OSU assistant coach’s resume . . .

5. Before the CW, I was of the opinion that OSU should turn down a bowl invite. That UW soured me that much. Well, it might be a moot point anyhow as it’s appearing the Beavers are a long shot to be invited, but I’ve changed my stance. Seeing players such as Bolden and Harlow step up against the Ducks helped me realize that they could really benefit from an extra 15 practices. It would help players and the team hit the ground running for Spring Ball.


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