Peterson to UW? BOOOOO!

The University of Washington hiring Chris Peterson is not good. Not good at all.

Peterson is a great coach, and has a previous relationship with Josh Wilcox. Those two together are amazing. The thought of Chris with the talent that Sarkisian left him is scary. For Peterson, the biggest issue in Boise was everyone around him was getting better at recruiting — and Boise has some serious hindrances to getting players there.

You give Chris Peterson the staff that Sarkesian had and they will win the Pac-12 North.  They will be tougher on offense both mentality and scheme, and they will go for the jugular every week.

I think Steve Sarkisian is a good game plan developer, but a poor game plan executor or in-game adjustor. Peterson is good at both, so he will get more out of players. That, plus,  the ability to get more good recruits in the future is saddening to me.

Lets be honest, I hate the Huskies. I liked that they’ve underachieved the past decade or so.  The game this season against us didn’t make me like them more. Hiring Peterson adds an element of fear to my feelings for them, and that sucks.

Let us know why you think we are a bunch of crap sacks... or if you love us. Or just want to say hi.