Aloha means hello and goodbye

I am pretty excited about OSU’s bowl game in Hawaii.  First of all, it is great to get a bowl game. It allows for players to play with each other one last time. It also allows for them to get more practices, and in this case, get that one more win.  A 7 -win season would be nice if OSU can get it. A 6-7 season is less nice, but for me, the good far outweighs the bad.

So here is my Aloha post of the good in this game:


1. OSU plays at Hawaii next season so this games allows the team the chance to say hello to some new players or renew connections with other players it’s actively recruiting. It also gives the Beavers a chance to remind more Polynesian players of OSU’s intent to come to Hawaii and give the kids that go to Corvallis to play football a periodic chance to play in front of their families.

2. It gives the coaches a chance to build off the Civil War game. A lot of good happened durinf that game and it can be replicated if they can get guys excited about it.  So they have a chance to say Hello to momentum and to 2014.


1. This is a chance for the big recruits from Hawaii to watch OSU and get excited about their decision all over again. The Beavers will be on the island less than a month and a half before those kids sign, so it really is a good time for them to make another impression on them and maybe see if they can get more quality players to say goodbye to their homes and come to a new one in Corvallis.

2. Members of this staff and some of these players are probably going to be in new places next year.  Should Cooks and Crichton decide to jump to the NFL, it gives them one last chance to play with their friends and to say good bye to the school that they have given so much to.

Should there be some attrition or shuffling among the coaching staff, this gives the affected coaches a chance to have one last hurrah and maybe help boost their stock in looking for new work.

And for the seniors, it is just one last time to don the orange and black and to represent their school. Some will go pro, some will not, but they all are probably excited about one more chance to play for their school and to send the team out as not just non-losers, but as winners.

Let us know why you think we are a bunch of crap sacks... or if you love us. Or just want to say hi.