My Two Cents on the Petersen Hire (Raju’s Take)

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. The inclement weather we’ve been experiencing in the central Willamette Valley left me sort of stranded last weekend. Even so, I’ll keep this quick because I know Peter already touched on the subject.

I think UW came out ahead in this one. Sarkisian out, Petersen in equals an upgrade for the Huskies. Sure, Sark helped build the program back up after Willingham (and Gilbertson, to be fair) ran it into the ground. But considering the tradition, the Tyree Club, and the recruits he brought to Seattle, Sark underachieved.

Meanwhile, Petersen has long been considered the real brains behind Boise State’s success and is considered an offensive guru. The thought of him with UW’s resources at his disposal is scary. If he pans out, the Huskies will be in a BCS bowl sooner rather than later. And I’ll go out on a limb and say this, Petersen could make the Huskies the dominant program of the Northwest. If not one of the best teams in the nation.

That said, there’s also a chance Petersen could flop. After all, do I need to remind you what happened to Dan Hawkins, also former BSU head coach, at Colorado? (His performance might have been worse than Willingham’s). Maybe Petersen will struggle now that he has to play good teams week in and out. Maybe he won’t be able handle the pressure of the UW boosters or the scrutiny of the Seattle media. Or maybe he just won’t take to living in the Seattle area.

But for now, this seems like a slam dunk move for UW. Petersen has everything he needs to be successful. If he fails at UW, it would be one of the biggest surprises in recent college football memory. I am sure any UW fans who were mourning the loss of Sark, are stoked out of their minds; while those who wanted him gone, must be thanking their lucky stars.

What the Petersen hire means for Oregon State: Mike Riley and Co. need to step up their game. The Pac-12 North just got a whole lot tougher. If the Beavers hope to keep up and compete for the conference title, Riley needs to make any changes that are needed for that to happen — and soon! Otherwise, the team is at risk of become a bottom-feeder again. (RW)

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