Rick Neuheisel, Anyone?

Perhaps you saw the recent news that Nick Saban is turning to Lane Kiffen to evaluate Alabama’s offense. I think it’s a great move.

While Kiffen isn’t the person I’d bring in for the job, I am fan of bringing in consultants. It’s always nice to have a fresh set of eyes that can offer different perspectives. Especially if a team has went with the status quo for awhile, which the Beavers certainly have.

And Peter has discussed the idea of Mike Riley bringing in a consultant to help bolster the Beavers’ offense and defense. I have a great candidate in mind: Rick Neuheisel.

He played QB for UCLA, he has coached two Pac-12 teams (UW, UCLA), and most importantly, he has coached against Mike Riley. So he obviously knows football, especially the offensive side.

Despite growing up calling him “Slick Rick” or “Neuweasel,” I’ve come to really enjoy and respect Neuheisel’s knowledge of the game. He does excellent work on the Pac-12 Network. In fact, I think he’s the best part of the coverage.

He also seems to have a ton of respect for MIke Riley and the way he runs his program. So I bet he’d be able to provide some much-needed input without ruffling too many feathers. I mean it can’t hurt, right?

Heck, why stop there? I know Neuheisel has a somewhat checkered past, but why is he never mentioned as a possible replacement if Mike Riley should ever step down as the Beavers’ coach?

He’s always been an excellent  recruiter, he knows how to schmooze with the boosters, and he is very articulate and marketable. And if he surrounds himself with good assistant coaches, I bet he would win football games.

The big question is, would Neuheisel come to Corvallis? I might be too optimistic, but I could see him enjoying coaching the Beavers, and ultimately thriving at the helm.

At the very least, it it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to consider him sometime down the road . . . (RW)

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