The Candy Report coming tonight

Life has gotten a hold of me a bit, but I am going to try and get this week’s The Candy Report posted tonight. It is going to focus on the bowl game in Hawaii, but one thing I thought of that won’t be in it, but that I wanted to share is this:

There is no consolation prize to not going to the Rose Bowl: It should always be your priority and what teams strive for. As we have seen again this year, you have no control over who goes to the NC game, at least this last year, but you do have a say in the Rose Bowl — and that is always the goal.

That being said, there are worse bowls to go to than the Honolulu Bowl, and here is why:

1.I remember leaving work early to go to a bar and watch the Sun Bowl in 2006.  While it was super fun, the reality is that it was during the middle of the week during the middle of the day.  While most kids in the country are on winter break, there is a lot of competition for attention during those days and many of the mid-tier and upper tier/non BCS bowl games have competing time slots and happen at times when people are busy doing a lot of  other things.

In the case of the Honolulu Bowl, many families will be together on Christmas eve.  While not everyone celebrates Christmas, most people get the day off, so the night before tends to be a time when everyone is together. It is also after most work days, even on the West Coast because it starts at 5:00.

So there will be a lot of eyes on this game. We have almost always at least had it on in the background of our family since I can remember.

So it is not just a chance for OSU to get to 7 wins and end the season on a high note, but it is a chance for them to play in front of, hopefully, a lot of eyes and show potential recruits what being a Beaver is all about.

2. Recruiting trip. I am sure the coaches will stay behind a day or two, at least some of them, to reach out to their committed players but also to reach out to some interested players. Oregon State has a few great ones coming in, and if all they can do is go in and secure those commitments, then the trip is a recruiting success. If they can convince some other players to come along, then that is just gravy.

Let us know why you think we are a bunch of crap sacks... or if you love us. Or just want to say hi.