3 Reasons OSU Will Win Today (Raju’s Take)

I’ll keep this sweet and short because I know it’s game day and you guys also are busy getting ready for the holidays. Have a wonderful time with your family, friends, and the Beavers!

Momentum: I know, I know, there’s no such thing as moral victories. But there were a lot of positives for the Beavers to take away from the Civil War game. Enough, that if they carry that momentum into today’s game, they should have an excellent chance of beating the Broncos. OSU can run the ball, they can force turnovers, they can win. But they need to set the temp early on and not look back.

The Run Game: Along the same lines, if the Beavers can come out and run the ball like they did against Oregon, they will win. If any unit needs to keep things rolling, it’s the running backs. They ran with heart and a purpose against the Ducks, and they need to do it against the Broncos. Boise State is known for being physical. If the Beavers can come out and smash the Broncos in the mouth, that should open things up for Sean Mannion. Plus, it would give Woods, Ward, and Co. a lot to look forward to next season.

Cooks and more Cooks: This could be Bradin Cooks’ last game as a Beaver (I’m holding out hope his bromance with Woods prevails) and I am thinking he puts on a show. He needs just 52 yards to break the Pac-12 single season record for receiving yards. I’d love to see him do that on the first play of the game for a TD! I am not sure Boise State can contain Cooks and that’s why I think he will carry OSU to victory.

Go Beavers! (And boo Peter for not wearing any Beavers stuff to work today! CHAINSAW fail.)

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