Let the Poaching Begin . . .

This time of the year is like a roller coaster ride. You best hold on tight because it’s going to be wild ride full of ups and downs.

Yep, that’s what the countdown to Letter-of-Intent Day feels like the diehard college football fans who follow recruiting. Happiness can turn to feelings of wanting to puke in less time than it takes Victor Bolden to run the 40-yard dash.

Unfortunately for Beaver Nation, the ride hit a major bump Monday as defensive end Shane Bowman switched his verbal commitment to Washington. (Pretty sure Peter threw up over that — after all, we know how much he hates UW.)

It was disappointing but not surprising. Bowman hails from Washington and preps at Bellevue High School, which is practically in UW’s backyard. Poaching recruits is part of the game when it comes to recruiting,

And Chris Petersen is desperately trying to salvage UW’s class which fell apart after The Sark bolted for USC.

Bowman, a 3-star defensive end was one of OSU’s top-ranked verbals, and with Scott Crichton leaving for the NFL and Dylan Wynn entering his senior season, Bowman would’ve provided, at the very least, some needed depth for the future.

Recruiting is not an exact science. Plenty of four-star recruits end up busts, while there’s a lot of two-star recruits who end up being impact players. But I think stars do get one thing right, potential. And Bowman definitely has that.

His size reminded me of former OSU star Bill Swancutt. If his motor is half as good as Swanny’s was, he’s going to be a good one. But he could also turn out to be just another defensive end.

The larger picture is this: with less than a month until LOI Day, OSU’s class is filled with uncertainty.  At first glance, it appears as if the coaching staff has reached on a few players so far, when they probably could’ve waited to offer. Several other players could be poached.

Plus, all is quiet when it comes to surprise recruits the Beavers might be able to land or poach. Almost too quiet. Hopefully, that’s not a bad thing.  But after following recruiting for more than a decade, I am not liking the vibe.

But that’s the funny thing about recruiting, you never know who and that you are going to get. After all, who knew the Rodgers brothers would turn out as good as they did? Or that Rodney Landingham and David Ross wouldn’t pan out? Or that last minute additions such as Derrick Doggett would turn out to be awesome?

So hold on to your hats, and enjoy the ride! Odds are the Beavers are due for a high soon.

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