Langsdorf Reaction

Well, that came out of nowhere. ¬†While at one time I might have celebrated Danny Langsdorf leaving OSU to become the QB coach for the New York Giants, I am torn by the move. I’ve come to realize that I was too harsh on Langs in the past.

First things first, congrats to Langsdorf on the new job. He’s a class act who has forever endeared himself to Beaver Nation when he stepped up to help Cav’s wife. He gets a chance to work under a revered coach and with a good QB.

Simply put, though, lot of people overlooked Langsdorf’s contributions to OSU.

His work with Matt Moore, Lyle Moevao, Sean Canfield, Ryan Katz, and most recently Sean Mannion was impressive. Two of them made the NFL, and there’s a good chance Mannion will in 2015.

He also was an underrated recruiter. I think it’s fair to give him a lot of credit for landing James Rodgers, which no doubt played a huge role in Jacquizz Rodgers coming to OSU. And don’t forget Mannion.

Unfortunately, Langsdorf also was a scapegoat for many OSU fans, myself included. For me, it was all the empty backfield formations on third down and a yard or two to go, or all the deep passes when a simple out or slant would’ve got the necessary yards. Or the lack of balance this past season.

But here’s a funny stat, under Langsdorf, the Beaver offense had 8 of its top best offensive seasons in program history. The numbers don’t lie. So I guess I’ll eat my heaping plate of crow now.

And how much can we really blame Langsdorf for the Beavers’ offensive imbalance this past season, or for that matter, during his entire tenure? Because we now know just how heavy-handed Mike Riley is when it comes to the offense.

With that in mind, as much as Beaver Nation would love a splashy, big-name hire, I am starting to think that such hire’s talents could be wasted. So maybe it’s a smart move to promote from within.

OSU won’t ever be able to pay like USC or UW, so to keep talented assistants such as Brent Brennan, maybe you promote them. So Brennan to OC, Ryan Gunderson to QBs, and a young, energetic recruiter who maybe coaches, say safeties, makes a lot of sense.

At the same time, with all of his connections and how widely-respected he is, don’t be surprised if Riles lands someone out of left field who will end up impressing Beaver Nation, similar to Rod Perry.

And don’t be surprised if Sean Mannion ends up a Giant next season.

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