Where do we go from here?

As I prepare to take in the Civil War basketball game tomorrow, I find myself thinking about this coming spring for Oregon State. Below are a few quick thoughts:

1. Basketball
I am not a very knowledgeable basketball fan. Growing up tin the 80’s and 90’s, I saw a ton of games at Gill, but as a very, very poor player, I just enjoyed rooting for the Beavers and the excitement that went with the game.  If the Beavers can win this game, and they need to, with at least two winnable games left and a win or two in the tournament, OSU could finish with a record strong enough to get an NIT bid.

An NIT bid would be positive Momentum, and because of is importance to any program, Momentum is always capitalized.

2. Baseball
Life is good for OSU Baseball.  They have another strong team and a hefty #2 ranking to live up to.  A slowish start (4-3 win) on Friday lead to a a big win today against Nebraska.  Oregon State baseball has a way of making its own Momentum because success breads success.  You are not always going to be amazing, or win a National Championship, but the biggest thing that the success the baseball team has given every year is hope.  Hope that this could be the year that they go all the way.  Faith in Casey that as long as he is on the job, Oregon State Baseball will win far more than they lose.

Baseball has me glued to my radio every Friday and Saturday like I live in the Golden Age of Radio listening to The Shadow.

3. Football
With the retention of Coach Cav, the hiring of John Garrett, the close loss in the Civil War and the big win against BSU, I feel like there is a modicum of Momentum around football. It feels like around those three sports there is potential for changes for the positive.  Many will dismiss my gut feelings as Orange Colored Glasses, but with the changes to the staff, the changes in philosophy on defense, the flood of talented incoming transfers OSU Football is making a big push.  When you have a quarterback like Sean Mannion and you have to hire an OC, you hire the guy that is going to push him to new heights.  I believe that is the hope they have with Garrett and we will see if it works out.

Right now I feel a lot of Momentum building at OSU, and a win tomorrow would give Basketball its first sweep of the ducks in hoops for a long time, and there is reason to look forward to this football season.  We will know right off the bat if this team is going to take a step forward when they take on Portland State.  When you have lost two openers against 1-AA opponents in the last three years, so a win there is a good start.

Let us know why you think we are a bunch of crap sacks... or if you love us. Or just want to say hi.