A few thoughts from this weekend.

I am a blogger.  Not much more and not much less.  I have very few insights into programs and everything I post here is my opinion. I post what I think is true based on what I see and what I hear, but I am not in meetings, at every practice or on the recruiting trail. I don’t know how coaches interact with players, I don’t know what they do behind the scenes in game preparation and I have no real insight into the inner workings of the program.

So when I get on the case of the administration for not promoting expansion as much, I do so as someone that just doesn’t see it. I don’t see the plans or the campaign.  That doesn’t mean that there is not real progress being made and that the administration is blind to the issues.  This mea culpa is not based on some  random epiphany I had, but rather a conversation I had this weekend with Bob DeCarolis.  It was short, in passing, but in a two minute conversation, Bob mentioned how important improvements in facilities were and how that has dominated his job.

He then asked how I was doing and wondered how my own life was going.

I have always liked Bob and when you look around the campus, his footprint will be there for the foreseeable future. From Raising Reser I, to the sports performance center, to the basketball practice facility to the Truax Center, to the new south end-zone of Reser, the book store, the track program, the new track, the soccer facilities, upgrades to Gill, the new boat house and now his work to upgrade the locker rooms and Valley Football center, Bob’s work can be seen across the last two decades and it is impressive.

Unfortunately this is a what have you done for me lately world and the works of yesterday are forgotten the moment the ribbon is cut, at least to the general public.  So onward they must tread, always improving and always building.  So yes, I still think that transparency and promotion of plans can improve. Of course it can!  I just realize that I am not a voice yelling in the desert with no one to hear.  Or that the fans who wan to see action at Reser Stadium in terms of facilities upgrades are waiting on nothing.  Bob knows, Bob understands what the world of College Sports has become and Bob knows what he has to do.

I like Bob, and I think he can get it done, despite what many may think.  I also think that when he eventually retires his legacy, like a vilified president, will soften over time until you can really appreciate the scope of what they did.  I just wish that it was easier to see what was going on for the average Joe so we can try and help out.  And so recruits can visualize the future they are building. I honestly think that Beaver Nation can get behind that.

Let us know why you think we are a bunch of crap sacks... or if you love us. Or just want to say hi.