Who should want to work with Coach Perry

As recruiting for 2014 is in the books and recruiting for the class of 2015 is in progress, I wanted to look a little into our coaches and what a recruit should think about the benefits of working with that coach. I thought I would go with the easy one first.  Rod Perry has a distinguished NFL career as a Pro Bowl player and then coach.   During his time as an NFL secondary coach, Rod worked with 10 Pro Bowl players (2 of which were alternates) and was on staff for the Indianapolis Colts in 2008 when Bob Sanders was Defensive Player of the Year and they set the single season record for fewest passing touchdowns allowed in a 16 game season (6).

His 22 years of NFL experience as an assistant, as well as nine years as a player, gives Rod a solid understanding of what is needed to compete in the NFL.  While all players going into Division I college football have dreams of going to the NFL, there is a certain type of player that Coach Perry should be especially appealing to.

Junior College (JC) Corners.

In two years at Oregon State, Coach Perry has coached 2 All-Conference Corners, two Honorable Mention corners and has seen his secondary rank in the top ten in interceptions each year (7th place in 2012, 6th place in 2013). Most importantly, and paramount to my case, is the work he did with Steven Nelson this year.  Nelson came in as a highly touted JC recruit and finished his first season tied for the team lead in Interceptions and tied for third in the nation as well .  His mindset, from all I have heard, was that he wanted the best path to the NFL.  Watching him in practice, he has the tenacity and will to do it, he just needed a place to learn what it takes and get honest evaluation.

Like all JC players, Steven also knows he doesn’t have five years to make an impression, but rather two or three. Junior College transfers have to get the most of their short amount of time at a school in order to realize their NFL dreams.  So you want to make sure that you are going to a place that has the coaching to get you to the league in that timeline.  At OSU, players get to work with a coach that has coached at the highest level, has seen a lot of success and has been a part of a Superbowl Championship team. You also get to practice against an offense that you would see on Sunday’s should you make it. So from that standpoint, if you are a top JC corner and you want to get the biggest return on your sweat investment, Oregon State is a great place to look at. No distractions from your craft in terms of environment and a great set of coaches who know the NFL and know what NFL coaches are looking for.

Ultimately, if a player has two years to play two seasons and is willing to put the work in, they should probably be on the phone with Rod Perry or OSU. If they can envision themselves at Oregon State and are willing to work hard to reach that goal with people that know exactly what they need to do, they are going to get to the NFL.

Coach Perry is your guy, Mr. JC Corner.

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