Who should want to play for Coach Cav?


For many,  Coach Cavanaugh is a divisive figure in Beaver sports.  Last year, Oregon State had an anemic rushing game until the last two games of the season, and when the running game is absent, the line is the first to receive the blame. What many don’t see is the evolution of Coach Cav as a coach and a recruiter.  When Cav first arrived at OSU, he had one of the best offensive lines in program history with Jeremy Perry, Adam Koets, Roy Scheuning, Andy Levitre and Kyle Devan.  All of those players ended up on All Conference first or second teams.  Cav knows how to get the most out of elite talent, but also can get players ready to contribute in a hurry.

In 2007, injuries plagued their line starting with the loss of Jeremy Perry for most of the year, and with four starters missing two or more games in the season.  He had to work in young guys like Adam Speer and Tavita Thompson. or in 2008 when he had to start a redshirt freshman walk-on lineman against USC and came up with over 190 yards of rushing and the biggest upset in OSU history.  He dealt with huge losses in 2009 when he had to start three walk ons and a true freshman.  Or last year, where they lost three starters in the first three games and had to work in three players with zero starts, including another true freshman.

Cav as a coach has put walk-ons and highly touted players in to the NFL and coaches in an offense that allows him to prepare players to play in the NFL.  Kyle Devan went from teaching middle school to winning a Super Bowl in a year partly due to the trust the Coilts had in his technique and ability to perform.

Andy Levitre is one of the highest paid offensive linemen in the NFL and has played multiple positions on his team.  Adam Koets helped the Giants to a Superbowl and Mike Remmers, the a fore mentioned walk on that helped shock USC is now part of the Minnesota Vikings.

So players that should be interested in playing for Cav are players that want to be able to perform sooner rather than later in the NFL.  As with all coaches, OSU doesn’t have a corner on the market for great coaches and kids can achieve most of their dreams at other schools.  But looking at what Cav has done with kids that are willing to put in the work, do the bear crawls and learn his techniques are looked highly upon in the NFL and come out ready to play right away.  OSU should be one of those schools on every offensive lineman’s lists just to get to work with Mike.

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