Ok, I am done.

Every time I try and say something nice about the men’s hoops program, I feel like the rug gets pulled out from under me.  I have a long standing belief that players, by and large, play hard and work hard.  I rarely call out a player publicly.  I am not above calling out coaches though, and I feel like this has been coming for a while.

I like Craig the man. I love what Craig the fund raiser has done for the OSU Basketball Team and I really like what he does for the players as people and as a role model.  But the fact is the team is not getting better and gets steadily worse every season.  He cannot get them over the hump and six years of not being able to shoot free throws, high turnover margins and getting killed by three point shooting has taken its toll on the team and the fan base.

And  me.

It is time.  OSU made a profit in Men’s Hoops this year, largely because they limited expenses.  They won’t be so lucky next year unless they have no expenses.  It is time and I really hope that Bob DeCarolis looks into this and makes a change.  Love him or hate him, the product on the floor is not even 50% and the bad losses keep mounting.

I have no insight on who they should get, but I would probably want someone that is more focused on fundamentals, on limiting turnovers and on defense in general. I would love to see a huge splash hire, but am not holding my breath.  Just as long as they get someone that is up and coming and willing to roll up their sleeves and get things done here. I don’t care if it is a stepping stone job, because if they leave that means we did awesome.
Go  Beavers!

Let us know why you think we are a bunch of crap sacks... or if you love us. Or just want to say hi.