Rambles & Rants: OSU Hoops

There’s been no shortage of commentary in the media regarding OSU basketball coach Craig Robinson in recent days. Everyone has an opinion from Kerry Eggers to BuzzFeed. Both of the linked articles are great reads. They bring up good points, but the one thing that either piece fails to address  has been driving me crazy. To the point that I am kind of pissed off about it.

If people, be it journalists or or message board fans, want to complain about Robinson and insist he be fired, do us a a favor and suggest a list of replacements – and I mean realistic candidates, not pipe dreams.

My best friend keeps throwing out Bobby Knight’s name. Not happening (maybe I need to choose better best friends). The game has probably passed him by and besides, as cash-strapped as OSU is, can the athletic department afford to replace all the chairs Knight could destroy?

Some people have mentioned the tourney’s current flavor of the week, Dayton coach Archie Miller. Not happening. Darlings of the tournament, such as Miller, can usually pick and choose from any openings they want, and more importantly get paid way more than OSU can offer.

There’s been mention of Gary Payton. Shouldn’t happen. Just because he’s an OSU legend and one of the best NCAA and NBA point guards of all time doesn’t mean Payton would be a great coach. Case in point: my favorite 90s NBA player, Clyde Drexler, was a huge flop coaching his alma matter, Houston. And nobody’s questioning his greatness.

And then there’s my personal favorite: there are those who suggest OSU women’s basketball coach Scott Rueck. Don’t get me wrong, he’s done a marvelous job and he clearly can coach. But the women’s game way, way different than the men’s game. And if somehow, this were to happen, would the men’s team respect Rueck? Let him continue turning the women’s team into a force 🙂

So please, if you want Robinson fired or refuse to acknowledge the good he’s done during his six years at the helm of the Beavers, at least be part of the solution and come up with some realistic replacements for him.

Until then, I don’t want to hear it. (RW)

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