Wednesday Practice Reports: Running Backs

The running backs at OSU have not gotten the same press as the the QB’s and Defense, but watching Storm Woods, Terron Ward, Chris Brown and Damien Haskins at practice it was all business.  Now it is not like these guys have just been fooling around, but the way they ran with the ball and the focus they ran around the field with was game like in demeanor.  While there were battles all around, there was also a lot of thinking and working on new skills.  At running back, the play book was down and it was about running with a purpose.

There were multiple times that I saw Storm Woods do his best Roger Craig impersonation and the moment he got touched, his legs just churned and he drove the pile forward. All four running back had some great runs that were due to not quitting and solid vision.  I saw a lot of potential in this group to make huge strides over last year and be more like the group we hoped we would see in 2013.  More than four times I saw guys run up, see the hole was filled and cut back quickly to find an open seam.  Probably the longest run i saw belonged to Ward where there was a pile to one side, and he just sidestepped it and took off to the other.

The whole vibe I got from the running backs was that they were going to lead by taking every rep seriously and making sure if someone wants to tackle them they have to try their hardest.  Even in practice.

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