Crow-Eating Time!

If you followed my short-lived blog while I was a sports writer at the Gazette-Times, you know that I often was taken to task for my outlandish but well-intentioned predictions, forecasts, whatever you want to call them. As a result, I also ate a lot of crow.

So in keeping with tradition, I am here to eat another heaping plate of the stuff (It’s an acquired taste and believe me after while doesn’t taste too bad.)

It’s early and it’s just spring ball, but I totally admit I was wrong about new offensive coordinator John Garret.

Initially, I wasn’t too thrilled with his hiring. To me, he appeared to be a status quo hire. And I’ll admit, I was hoping for someone maybe a little more “hip” and established on the recruiting trail.

But Garrett appears to be just what the Beavers needed: a fresh and energetic breath of air. I love hearing and reading about his enthusiasm, attention to detail, and his ability to teach. Most importantly, I like that there’s a sense of urgency in  the way he coaches.

During my years covering the team, it always seemed like practices were too laid back, and at times, very disorganized. But Garrett, so far, appears to run things the complete opposite way. That’s a good thing because it means players will always be learning and improving.

Also, I am hoping since Garrett is more seasoned and established than Danny Langsdorf that he might have Riley’s ear more — helping foster more positive changes and tweaks to how the Beavers operate, especially on offense. I think he will especially be a boon for OSU’s backup QBs.


Bottom line: Hopefully, Garrett is reflection of a new era for Beaver football, one that doesn’t have teams stumbling out of the gates, but teams that are well prepared and aggressive. This season could be a big one for the Beavers, so a strong start is crucial!

Go Beavs! (RW)

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