Texas Ho!

Over the last few years, Oregon State has had a lot of success recruiting out of the state of Texas.  Much to the chagrin of Texas State, the Beavers have found a way to pluck the best of the rest from a talent rich state.  While the above statement might sound like OSU is getting the cast offs of the Texas area, the reality is that the names we get were more overlooked than underwhelming.

In 2009, Oregon State had two players from the Lone Star State, James and Jaquizz Rodgers.  You might recognize those two names, but if you need help, just look at the conference and Oregon State record books and you will see their names all over them.  These were not the least of the state, but merely players that were overlooked in a state filled with Division I prospects.

Now, just five years later, there are six players from Texas on the team and most of them either starting or on track to start in the near future. Storm Woods, Jabral Johnson, Damien Haskins, Will Hopkins, Kendall Hill and Hunter Jarmon are all players who will be contributing either this year or next. Then if you look just outside of Texas and expand that reach to Louisiana and Oklahoma, you will find four more players that are going to be in the two deep this year. From Oklahoma you have Michael Doctor and Zach Robinson, while from Louisiana are  Darrell Songy and Cyrill Noland Lewis.

So that is ten players from one recruiting area that are almost all going to be on the two deep this year.  They will all contribute on special teams at least and the trend will most likely continue.  Currently OSU has 21 offers to players from Texas and six more from Oklahoma and Louisiana.  One of which, Tyrin Ferguson, is from Louisiana.

As recruiting changes and the ability to communicate easily with coaches, players and families gets easier and easier, more of the map is open to Oregon State.  So far they have done a great job building relationships and making the most of their bowl games and trips to the great state of Texas.

Oh, and did I mention that I was born there?

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