Two offensive names from the spring to remember

While there has been a lot of talk about receiver and the injuries on the offensive line, there are two players that have not gotten much press that I believe are going to be huge contributors this year for the Beavers.

Gavin Andrews:
Gavin was a bad bout of mono from starting last year.  The 6’5″, 340 pound offensive lineman is a physically imposing presence on the field and will be a cornerstone of the offense this year.  While there have been some dings and injuries this spring, Gavin has been a solid presence on the front five and has really improved his hand and footwork from last year.  The depth may seem thin right now, but if Seumalo, Mitchell and Bays can all come back healthy and ready to go, the talent level will be pretty high for this group and with starting experience for 7 of the potential starters except for Andrews, his progress is a great sign that the Beavers could have a pretty good group manning the trenches this year.

Caleb Smith:
Caleb has been dinged lately, but with the flurry of people to talk about, I feel like he gets missed. Which is too bad. In the three practices I watched, I saw him make great play after great play.  While those plays were nice to see, the biggest thing that struck me when watching him was his attention to detail in the drills.  He was making extra efforts to get the ball before turning up field, he always had the ball held close to his chin and seemed to really be working on perfecting his routes.

He also seemed to be taking mental reps.  I witnessed one drill where Garrett was working with Hayden Craig on how to break down in his route and what angles to take. The very next player to run that route was Caleb and he did everything Garrett had just told Craig perfectly.

Caleb had some huge moments, good and bad next year, but for me, his work this spring showed that he is serious about perfecting his skills and that work will hopefully translate into an all conference type season for Caleb.  He is a great physical talent and seeing the work he is putting in was impressive.

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