Spring Showcase Defensive Dominance and The Official Candy Report Milestone

Spring Showcase:
As I have mentioned before, I am not a huge fan of the Spring Game’s that go around football circles.  I would rather have another practice and avoid injuries.  That being said, I am always happy when defenses dominate.  Last year, the Beavers lost their first game because the defense wasn’t quite prepared.  While you need to score points, against defenses like the Beavers saw against Eastern Washington last year and that they will see against Portland State this year, you should be able to get some points.  The problem comes when your defense doesn’t.  In 2009, it took about five weeks for the defense to get dialed in.  A shaky start against Portland State, an even shakier game against UNLV and then a tough home loss to Cincinnati and then the next week to Arizona really hurt a season that could have been special.

I have seen this defense in practice, it is aggressive, fast and has a ton of talent on the front line.  If they can come out and dominate PSU, Hawaii and San Diego State, the Beavers should be able to win those games. If they can do better against USC than last year, then it should be a huge boost to their season.  2000 was a season that could have not been after week one. If you would have told the 30K people leaving then Parker Stadium that the team that just narrowly beat Eastern Washington would go on to be the best team that OSU has ever fielded and a team that would play in its only BCS game, most of them would have said you are nuts.  But the defense dominated and they got by with a win, and then the offense caught up and the team exploded down the stretch.

So for me, the music to my ears after the Spring Showcase was “The defense dominated”.  Because, as well all know, defense wins championships.  Just ask Stanford.

The Official Candy Report Reaches 10,000:
We had our 10,000th visitor to theofficialcandyreport.com this weekend and I just want to thank everyone that visits this little blog.  I have begun the final coding stage to add the new site design and will finish my theofficialcandyreport.com t-shirts before the end of may.  We also will have some great photos from last weekend’s Civil War Baseball sweep compliments of Dave McLean, so keep coming back.  Raju is going to start taking on Basketball more and as always we will try and report as much as we can about upcoming football events as well as bring you what are hopefully fun reads, like our What If series on Beaver Football.

Thank you to everyone for making this a fun blog and for supporting me in my obnoxious hobby of talking about Beaver sports.  Call me out when I am wrong, I need it and am wrong often, and keep coming back for more Candy.  Maybe you will like a post or two!

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