Rant: What is the criteria for being a captain?

I am all ranty today.  Which is good I guess.  As much as I try and be positive and orange colored glasses-y, I have one quick beef with the Oregon State University coaching staff.

“What is the criteria for a captain?”

Is it someone that will do anything asked, move to any position without a complaint?  Is it someone that excels in the weight room, is always prepared and works so hard that it inspires their teammates?  Is it someone that never hurts you off the field and does so much in school that they are on track to graduate early?

Is it someone that no matter what the score is, is always competing and always doing their job at the highest possible level?

If those are the criteria, then I see that in the team captains.  I see that in Sean Mannion, In Isaac Seumalo, in Michael Doctor and in Ryan Murphy.

But I see it in Dylan Wynn too.

You can make a case for any of the starters, for any of the guys that work their butts off to get better and make the team better.  But you also need to look at the job they have.  Dylan has to help prepare all new tackles to play as well as new defensive ends. He has to be the guy that pulls players aside and gives them advice or corrects them at the line because he knows what to do and is the leader of that line. That line with only him returning from last year’s starters.

Last year Dylan was one of five captains.  Now the NCAA rule is that there are only four captains, yet last year they still had five guys walk out there.  Is there something that Dylan did to take his name off that list?  With the graduation of Reynolds and Cooks, two of last year’s captains, is there a reason Dylan was not part of the current group.

Ultimately, Dylan is going to play amazing regardless of his status as captain. Yet at the same time, I am not sure there is a reason he should not be a captain, and more importantly, should have been demoted. I respect Ryan, Michael and Isaac immensely, and reading those names in the captains list didn’t seem out of place.  It was just the absence of Dylan that made me pause.  A four year starter and one of the hearts and souls of the defense, or special teams or whatever he does, should have been on that list as well. Even if they have to rotate which four go out at coin toss time.  It just seems right to me.

3 thoughts on “Rant: What is the criteria for being a captain?

  1. tocrcom

    So a few notes about this rant that I have since been made aware of:

    1. I in no way am suggesting that the captains that got named are not worthy. I just want to make that clear. Sean, Ryan, Isaac and Michael are all great selections.

    2. Apparently OSU has four captains and then elects one per game. So when Dylan was the captain at the Civil War game last year, it was as the elected fifth captain and not as one of the standard captains.

    It will be a crime if Dylan is not one of those fifth captains a few times this year.

  2. Aaron Pearn

    I thought the players voted for the team captains?……..that is why it was really special when Sean Mannion was elected as a Sophmore because he already had the respect of the team to be voted a captain as a underclassman.

    1. tocrcom

      I had also heard that yesterday. That is the tough part for me on these types of things. I really think Dylan is a huge face for the program, but at the same time, so are the other guys. I guess it is just a good problem to have so many great young athletes to represent your school.

      I also love the blog platform for this reason. It fills in the gaps of my knowledge and gives people an avenue to call me out when I am wrong. Which is awesome. But every comment made helps me shape my view on Beaver sports and Beaver Nation. So thanks for taking the time to read and post!


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