Congrats to Cooks and Crichton

Great couple days for Oregon State players in the draft as Brandin Cooks and Scott Crichton got drafted in the first and third rounds respectively.  Both players had one year of eligibility left, but chose to leave early and I think their places in the draft proved they made the right choices for sure.  Plus, they both end up on teams that have immediate spots for them to shine.  Cooks especially will have a great opportunity with the departure of Darren Sproles.

While the Vikings have a pretty decent defensive front, Scott fits the Zimmerman mold and will have some snaps available in the rotation this season. I feel Scott is also better fit for the NFL game and its pass happy offenses where he can pin his ears back and go on certain downs and distances.

More importantly, both of these men will have the financial ability to help out their families.  This is something that they both have mentioned as being key factors in their desire to leave early and get into the NFL. Proud day for all of Beaver Nation to see the success of some of their own and a true testament to two of the harder workers that Oregon State has seen.

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