As the search goes on…

Some quick observations and gut feelings about the OSU basketball coach search.

  • I am starting to think Ben Howland’s salary requirements are an issue for the AD. Otherwise, we should be hearing more chatter about him becoming OSU’s coach. After being in journalism as long as I was, I just have sense that it’s becoming more and more likely that he’s not a slam dunk to be the next OSU coach.
  • Good to see that Stoudamire reportedly has talked to OSU. While Howland should be and apparently is the top target, it would be foolish of Bobby D. to not at least talk to other candidates. A lot of people are against Damon as a candidate, but I think he could be a pleasant surprise.
  • As much as I’d love Hollins as coach, I’ve always felt he’s due for another NBA coaching job. He shouldn’t have been fired by the Grizzlies. He would do good as the Warriors’ new coach. But like Stoudamire, I hope him and OSU at least talk.
  • Shocked Eric Musselman isn’t getting more play. He can coach, flat out develop players, and knows the Pac-12. He might not be a sexy hire, but he’d be very solid and perhaps a real gem. I am curious, though, why did he resign from ASU?
  • Super happy there’s no more talk about Randy Bennett or Seth Greenberg. They are solid coaches, but their shine is fading, and Bennett turned down OSU before. Same with Lester Conner. If he really wanted to coach the Beavers, he would’ve gotten his degree.

Is there a mystery candidate? Probably. But I don’t see how anyone could be bigger than Howland. But we’ll see how things play out. I wouldn’t be surprised if the search drags out another several weeks. I’ve been impressed by the names associated with the opening. But it also means my expectations are high — I want a big splash.

What are your feelings about the search?

One thought on “As the search goes on…

  1. Philip Bellotti

    B-ball’s finances are much better then expected. Nearly any increase in ticket sales goes to the bottom line. Perhaps give Howland a piece of the gate over a specified attendance.


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