OSU Just Can’t Win

The news that Ben Howland withdrew from consideration to be OSU’s next basketball coach, and that Damon Stoudamire is the apparent frontrunner, isn’t sitting well with the majority of Beaver Nation. Not well at all.

Just how bad is it? Peter and I’s Twitter war spilled over into work Tuesday. I threatened to punch him in the face, while he glared at me repeatedly. We also didn’t each lunch together. You know it’s messed up when I’m more positive about something than Peter, the one who always wears orange-colored glasses.

Howland was the guy most fans wanted. And now because they can’t have him, they are already dismissing Stoudamire. He’s never been a head coach. How are his X’s and O’s? Don’t forget my personal favorite: he’s a Jailblazer.

First off, get over it. That was years ago and OSU is no stranger to taking coaches with baggage. Two words for you, no make it three, DENNIS FREAKIN’ ERICKSON. Maybe you didn’t like all the penalty flags, but don’t tell me you didn’t like the 11 wins, and that you would’ve traded some of those wins for a classier team.

Anyhow, despite Peter whining about Stoudamire, we did find some common ground: OSU can’t win no matter who its next coach is. Beaver Nation is so starved for success, that it was Howland or bust.

As a result, I think a lot of Beavers fans aren’t recognizing the many pluses that Stoudamire could bring as a coach. If you are going to bemoan someone’s weaknesses, be classy and charitable: point out his/her strengths.

In Stoudamire’s case, there are plenty — including having played PG in the NBA, coached under two good coaches in Josh Pastner and Sean Miller, and has strong ties to Portland, a prep basketball mecca.

But the harsh reality is that regardless of who the new coach is, Beaver Nation needs to support him, or he’ll never succeed. Put aside the fact that person won’t be Howland, and get excited for a new exciting era of basketball. If you just can’t be positive, think about it this way, it can’t get any worse, right?

Or better yet, since I am ranting tonight — Most of you got your wish. Robinson is gone. So shut up and put your money where your mouth is. Buy season tickets now! And as always, Go Beavers! (RW)

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