Tinkle at a Glance

Multiple sources are reporting that Montana head coach Wayne Tinkle will be named the Beavers’ new coach, possibly as early as today. Here’s a quick breakdown:

In eight seasons at the helm of the Grizzles, Tinkle has amassed a 158-89 record, including 97-39 in Big Sky Conference play. His squads finished first in the Big Sky in 2011-12 and 2012-13 seasons, and advanced to second round of the NCAA tourney both years as well. The Grizzlies also made the tourney during the 09-10 season.

This season, they finished 17-13 overall, 12-8 in conference play. It was Tinkle’s worst season since his second one at Montana, in which the team finished 14-16 (8-8) — good for fourth in the Big Sky Conference.

I was never high on Tinkle as a candidate and will be underwhelmed by his hiring if he is indeed Bobby D’s man. But in the interest of being charitable, I’ll point out some quick PROs of Tinkle.


  • Head coaching experience:  This was the number one requirement for most fans, and apparently, Bobby D. Say what you will about the level of competition in the BIg Sky, Tinkle has HC experience.
  • NCAA tournament baby: Taking a school such as Montana to the NCAA tournament, not one, but three times is an impressive feat. Tinkle led the Grizzles to the tourney in 2010, 2012, and 2013.
  • His son is a baller: Tres Tinkle is a 3-star, top 150 recruit. Not that him following his Dad to OSU is automatic, but it couldn’t hurt. Because the elder Tinkle is going to need to find talent and get it to Corvallis ASAP.

And now some of my questions/concerns:


  • Big Sky to the Pac-12: No offense to the Big Sky, but it’s not the Pac-12. Not even close. Can Tinkle make the transition? Will his style hold up? He’ll be coaching in one of the toughest conferences against some great coaches.
  • Can he recruit?: Along the same lines, can Tinkle land the caliber of players needed for OSU to compete in the Pac-12? I wonder how good his living room skills are — t how personable is he? Can he recruit Cali and Portland well?
  • Wow factor: OSU’s fan base is downright apathetic these days. It was going to take a flashy hire to get fans back in droves. It would appear Tinkle, while solid, isn’t that kind of hire. So it’s likely many fans will take a “wait-and-see approach,” instead of jumping aboard right away.

What are your thoughts about Wayne Tinkle being the next OSU coach? Do you agree or disagree with my pros and cons? (RW)

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