Weekend Notes

1. Thank you to all who have served and their families.
I come from a military family.  My dad was in the Navy for 17 years as a pilot, and two of his brothers were also pilots.  My uncle Dave flew in Vietnam and was on a number of dangerous missions.  Fortunately for us, none of them lost their lives during their times of service, but they all knew many that did, and it was a very real cost that sometimes we don’t recognize. Regardless of how anyone feels, the fact that I can write this, on a blog about something so trivial as one college’s athletic teams, is a testament to all that those before us have fought for.

Heck, even our recent apathetic voting history is largely due to the complacency that or service men and women have allowed. They are so good at their jobs, of protecting us and protecting our rights, that we don’t feel the same urgency and fear in voting that our neighbors in India and Egypt (for example) feel. While I wish that would change, the great work our military services do in protecting us and our constitutional rights is amazing.

Free speech, for instance, is not a universal right in every country. People die for something we use every day without a second thought.  So thank you to all that have served and to the families of those that have lost loved ones in our name.  While it is something that we should think about more than one day a year, the fact that we need a reminder is a good sign that they are doing a great job protecting us.

2. Baseball rules
Baseball is a long season, and the victories at Washington took their toll both emotionally and physically.  With Pat Casey having to change up rotation roles, get players coming off injuries work so they are not too rusty while resting those that are dinged up so they are ready, left the team visibly less focused than they were against UW.

Which is natural.  People can worry about the bats the last seven games, and they should, but four of those games came after clinching a share of the title and the other three were against some really great pitching.  Losing is never good, but when you have the pitching that OSU has, it fixes a lot of what ails you.  Both Fry, Wetzler and Moore all worked in weird changes to their schedule and that took its toll to a degree.

But with regionals coming to town and the start of the playoffs,  one thing that Pat  Casey does an amazing job of is getting his team organized and focused in the post season. In 2006 they lost a series to ASU late and then lost the last game of the season to UCLA.  In 2007 they lost 8 of their last 12 games.  So while the slump is concerning and you want to win every game you can, there is no doubt that the focus that was lost the last week and a half will be regained if Pat Casey has to physically put it in the players.

3. Football is coming
While it is not yet June, Memorial Day weekend is my starting point in preparing for the season. This means that we will start producing some features that spotlight some key players.  I will hopefully be able to get some direct quotes, but we will see.  The other part of this is that this is the time of year that the coaches are out recruiting in full force and visiting camps.  This means that recruiting will make a huge uptick in news.

As I have made no secret of my affiliation and adoration for BeaverBlitz.  While many balk at the price tag, the information you can get there about recruiting, baseball and football in general is well worth the marginal fee. Right now they just released their initial 2015 Recruiting Guide and it has a lot of great information available.  So check it out and I think they have a gear special going right now if you do the annual order, so it is a good time to get on board!

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