Recruit Focus: Keven Dixon Jr.

All information in this post is courtesy of  BeaverBlitz and Hudl.  Again, I highly recommend both of these sites for the best and latest information on Beaver Football recruiting.

All reviews are just MY OPINION, and need to be taken as such. The coaches know more than me, understand the team’s needs better than I do and most likely differ with my opinions. I am just doing this for fun.

Keven Dixon Jr

3 Star (5.7)
HT: 6′ 6″
WT: 275
POS: Offensive Tackle or Defensive Tackle
HOMETOWN: Buena Park, Calif.
OTHER OFFERS: ASU, Colorado, Colorado State, Fresno State, San Diego State and Utah

Hudl Profile

Position The Official Candy Report Sees this player at: Offensive Tackle
What Beaver this player reminds us of: Gavin Andrews, Jeremy Perry

– Really good foot drive on contact
– Very strong upper body, and uses leverage on smaller players
– Very aggressive and violent  throughout the block
– Finishes blocks well, his players stay blocked and are not coming back to make the play
– Seems to work well in space and is athletic enough to get solid blocks at the second level
– Will not be outworked on a block. Continues to up his intensity level throughout blocks
– Solid footwork in few pass protection shots, especially after contact.

– While he seems very strong, I would like to see a more aggressive point-of-attack punch. Tends to absorb players and then fight them off
– High pad level out of his stance
– Not sure about the talent level of his competition. Was going up against much smaller players on defense.
– So little pass protection film is kind of worrisome
– Hand placement would draw more holding calls in college
– Seems to latch on rather than resetting hands to combat adjusting defender

I think that Keven has great potential at the Division 1 Level. He has the prototypical size for a tackle and appears to have the nasty streak that Coach Cav loves. While I have questions about his pad level and hand placement, those are are correctable in time. His attitude, his vision in space, and athleticism are harder to teach — and I think he has those in droves.

If you watch the Schurr High specific film, you get a good idea of how well Keven does getting to the second level, and really staying on his blocks. There are a lot of good blocks in this film that show his leg drive after contact, and the way he reloads in a stalemate. I like this film more than the St. Paul film because he is just so much physically superior to the St. Paul players that, while he does really well, it seems to be just a case of his superior athletic ability and size.

I would also recommend watching the end zone view films as you can see a more accurate measure of his speed and decision making abilities. There is maybe one case where he is out in space and has to hunt for someone to block while the play is being made behind him, but for the most part, he does a good job of latching on to a defender and driving his legs to maintain contact.

Currently, Keven is rated as a Rivals 5.5- or 3 star-level prospect, and I am not sure if he will be able to climb up enough to be a 4-star guy. But if he has a solid senior campaign, he could end up ranked higher than many expect. His offer sheet is impressive and he is being treated as one of Oregon State’s top targets, so I imagine that Coach Cav really likes what he sees as well.

My silly, shot-in-the dark guess is that should Dixon come to Oregon State, he has the potential to be a 3-year starter and will most likely play offensive tackle.

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