Happy Birthday Dylan and Go Beaver Baseball

A few quick thoughts on this weekend before I write a couple features this this week:

1. Happy 21st Birthday to one of the Report’s favorite players.  Dylan Wynn turns 21 today and as he turns the final page on his time at Oregon State before going to the NFL in 2015, I can say that I am going to miss him and everything he brings to Beaver football. Have a great birthday and good luck this year!

2. Baseball is a streaky game.  You can be the best hitter in the world and have a slump. Teams get into slumps all the time.  The thing is, very few of those slumps are permanent.  This morning the Beavers came out and their bats came alive against UNLV.  They reminded themselves that this Beaver Baseball team was good and put  some runs on the board.  They also did what they do best, pitch amazing and win. Tonight, as they take an early 4-0 lead into the fifth inning, they appear to be more and more like the team we rooted for all year.  As the Irvine pitcher goes longer in the night, they have to scramble to see who they put on the mount tomorrow night.

The thing with tournament and playoff teams is this: there are no style points, only wins.  It sucked that they got drilled last night, but none of those runs carry over to today.  You get one bomb a regional and then you have to be perfect.  No one cares about RPI any more, about national rankings or about stats.  Now it is all about surviving.

So we can get mad as fans and call kids out and say we are embarrassed, but that doesn’t matter. All that matters is at the end of the day you are still playing.  Irvine could come back and win, but right now the Beavers are playing smart, playing great defense and playing like a team that said “Enough!” last night.  Once a slump is ended, you are now in a streak and how long that streak lasts is up to you.  So Go Beavers!  Win tonight and then win tomorrow because that is the only thing you can do now.  You cannot take over a batting title or a home run title, just the National one.

And that is why we play the game anyway!  GO BEAVERS!

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