Recruit Focus: Fred Ulu-Perry

All information in this post is courtesy of  BeaverBlitz and Hudl.  Again, I highly recommend both of these sites for the best and latest information on Beaver Football recruiting.

All reviews are just MY OPINION, and need to be taken as such. The coaches know more than me, understand the team’s needs better than I do and most likely differ with my opinions. I am just doing this for fun.

Fred Ulu-Perry

4 Star (5.8)
HT: 6′ 2″
WT: 310
POS: Offensive Tackle, Offensive Guard, Offensive Center
HOMETOWN: Honolulu, Hawaii
OTHER OFFERS: Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Kansas, Nevada, San Jose State, Texas Tech, Washington, Washington State

Hudl Profile

Position The Official Candy Report Sees this player at: Offensive Line
What Beaver this player reminds us of: Jeremy Perry

– Extremely strong and physical
– Powerful punch, knocking people to the ground
– Violent approach to blocking, roots out defenders and gets them on their heels
– Uses low center of gravity for leverage on defenders
– Extremely quick out of his stance and in getting to the second level
– Plus pass blocking technique
– Looking for someone to hit, nasty

– Points where he is going with his stance
– Looking for someone to hit, sometimes late or in the back
– Feet stop a bit on contact

Fred is one of those players you want to get because you sure don’t want to play against him. Ulu-Perry plays like a throwback player with a chip on his shoulder and violence in his fists.  Much like Zach Lucas and Jake Hanson, Fred Ulu-Perry is a very strong and powerful player who overwhelms opponents with his strength and aggression.

What separates Ulu-Perry from other players is that while he lacks the height (6’4″ +) of the prototypical offensive tackle, he uses his lower center of gravity and amazing strength to drive defenders backwards and into the ground.  Fred uses a very powerful punch and seems to shrug off players at the end of his blocks.  Fred also has great, great hand placement and constantly reloads and re-punches his opponents.  To be honest, I get the feeling he likes hitting them.  Once he gets contact, he is like the Tasmanian Devil, constantly attacking and punishing his opponents.  Defenders are going to really dread playing Fred.

While he tends to telegraph where he is going with his stance, he attacks his targets so violently that I am not entirely sure Fred cares if they know where he is going. He has exceptionally quick feet and moves at a much faster pace than his 310 pound body would indicate.  He also has plus footwork and covers defensive ends in his pass blocking from the tackle position.

The only worry I have with Fred’s film is that his feet tend to die a bit on contact. Then he reloads and powers his way through the blocker.  If he can work on maintaining his leg drive on contact more consistently and can avoid late hit or clipping calls, Fred Ulu-Perry would end up being a definite four star prospect and great feature on the Beaver offensive line for the next few years.  To get an idea of how strong he is, and how good of a punch he has, I recommend watching his Junior Highlight film at the 1:25 mark.  He stones a safety running full speed like he is a gnat.

Silly Shot In The Dark Guess
My silly, shot-in-the dark guess is that should Ulu-Perry come to Oregon State, he has the potential to be a 3-year starter at Offensive Tackle or Guard, and will probably be in the two deep by his redshirt freshman year. I think he could use a redshirt year to learn the offense and refine his technique so he can use his aggression effectively within the Beaver offensive scheme.

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