OSU Hoops: Make no Assumptions

News that 5-star PG Tyler Dorsey might consider Oregon State after de-committing from Arizona has sent Beaver Nation into a frenzy. After all, who was the last player of that caliber to look at OSU, much less commit to the Beavers? (Probably Brian Jackson. But we all know how that worked out sadly.) Plus, Dorsey plays a position that has been an albatross ever since, well, Gary Payton, played at OSU.

And then came the inevitable comments: If Tres Tinkle, Stephen Thompson Jr., and Dorsey all land at OSU, the Beavers will be off and running, and Wayne Tinkle will be a savior.

What a wonderful thought! Or should I say pipe dream… Not to rain on anyone’s orange parade, but to anyone who thinks getting a commitment from any of those players will be easy, I say, CALM DOWN!!!

Beaver Nation is starved for basketball success, I get that. But let’s not get carried away here. As much as we’d like to think the opportunity to be coached by their fathers is appealing to the younger Tinkle and Thompson Jr., what do we know? Nothing, actually. Trying to understand and predict what high school seniors will do will drive anyone insane.

Plus, more  than that, if those two kids are as good as advertised, they will have plenty of offers — from programs that have enjoyed more recent success than the Beavers. And who can blame them for wanting to look around? Or what if they want to leave the nest for awhile? Bottom line: there’s just too many variables to feel too confident about landing either Tinkle or Thompson Jr., yet.

In fact, now that I think about it, at this point, I think Dorsey might be an easier sell. Hear me out. His goal is to get to the NBA. He’s alluded to that already. So if I’m a betting man, he’s not a guy who will stick around all four years, if he can help it. OSU offers him an opportunity not just for lots of playing time, but a chance to be the man. Even then, he’s a long shot.

But don’t get me wrong, it’s great that the Beavers’ program is being associated with this kind of talent. The Beavers need this kind of attention. And if the elder Tinkle and Co. can land either his son or Thompson Jr., it could lead the way to other high-profile recruits taking notice of the Beavers, and possibly committing.

And the snowball effect does exist even when it comes to OSU. Case in point: 2000 in football. Once Derek Anderson and Bill Swancutt pledged to the Beavers, other followed, included Steven Jackson and Josh Hawkins. That 2001 class is arguably the best in OSU history.

It’s great that Beaver Nation is excited about a new era of Beaver hoops, and it’s a neat deal that two of the coaches have sons who could be program-changing talent. But to assume one or both are locks to be Beavers, is setting yourself up for disappointment.

That said, the upcoming recruiting year for OSU hoops should be an exciting one, and hopefully, a big one! (RW)

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