TOCR: July Sucks

Personally, July is a great time of year for us at The Official Candy Report.  We get to celebrate the Independence of our country, the Peter71 family usually winds up our annual family ritual of picking up the hay on my In-Law’s fields, Mrs. Peter71 and I celebrate our anniversary and this year I get to rock out at a few fairs.

Unfortunately, in the world of College Football, July sucks rocks.

July is when coaches take vacations, when there are dead periods in recruiting, where about 1/3 of all recruits make poor decisions that they will change in around December when they see what the season has done to the program they committed to, or the coaching defections and transition force recruiting waves. July is when everyone speculates, first for the haves to have again, and then for the have not’s fans to lament what they have and peer at their neighbors enviously.

For us, it is a busy time of planning what we are going to do this fall to not only promote our favorite hobby, but also to make sure that we have content people actually want to read. This fall, family and work obligations are going to keep me from most practices, but I may slide down for one or two before the summer turns to fall and all speculation becomes a weekly affair.

it is also the time for ridiculous predictions that are usually shot by the end of the second week. So here are some of mine that we can look back on and laugh at:

1. The Beavers will rush for over 1500 yards this year

2. Sean Mannion will go to New York for the Heisman ceremony

3. The Beavers will have the fourth best defense in the conference statistically (overall defense)

4. The Beavers will have double digit wins this year

5. One player on offense and one player on defense will be huge keys to our season and we will all be shocked at who they are.

6. OSU will have five representatives on the post season All Conference teams.

7. The Beavers will win their last game.

Let us know why you think we are a bunch of crap sacks... or if you love us. Or just want to say hi.