Depth Chart Movers & Shakers?

Week 1 of fall camp is in the books. While some positions are already locked up (QB, LB, etc.), there’s other spots that are still up for grabs. Here are five positions on the depth chart that could change by the August 30 season-opener against Portland State.

1. Running back: Storm Woods is currently the No. 1 back, and you better believe Terron Ward is right on his heels. They’ve been solid the past two seasons, but neither of them have proved to be the home run threat that the Beavers have lacked since Steven Jackson. That’s why sophomore Chris Brown is primed to make some noise if he can develop other facets of his game. He’s the Beavers’ best pure runner and is explosive. He’s too good to be kept off the field.

2. Wide Receiver: Victor Bolden is pretty much entrenched as a starter, but Richard Mullaney and Malik Gilmore might be not be so much. Mullaney battled injuries last season, and it will be interesting to see what he can do when fully healthy. Gilmore was a big recruit and has shown promise, but has struggled with consistency. Meanwhile, redshirt freshmen Hunter Jarmon and Jordan Villamin have turned heads so far. Their play-making ability could make up for their inexperience.

3. Cornerback: Steven Nelson is a surefire starter, while redshirt freshman Dashon Hunt appears to be the favorite as the other starter. But don’t count junior Larry Scott out, yet. He was impressive when he played last season. He’s scrawny, but showed toughness and good awareness. At the very least, don’t be surprised if Hunt and Scott end up platooning opposite of Nelson. This could be the most hotly-contested battle of fall camp.

4 Kicker: Senior Trevor Romaine has been a solid, at times very good, kicker for the Beavers. However, he’s also struggled with consistency. But they say a little healthy competition never hurt anyone, right? Enter Garret Owens. The redshirt freshman was a highly-touted recruit and turned heads during spring ball. It’s a long shot that he would displace Romaine, but it’s not out of the question if Romaine starts off slow. The Beavers can’t afford to leave points on the board.

And this last one is out of left field, but why not…

5. Defensive End: Dylan Wynn is one of the leaders of the Beaver defense, so he isn’t going anywhere. But who emerges opposite of him? Right now, redshirt junior Jaswha James and redshirt freshman Titus Failauga are listed at No. 1 and 2. But the redshirt senior listed at No. 3 has made the coaches take notice because of his burst and athleticism. Converted wide receiver Obum Gwachum has likely played himself into the rotation at DE, and if he can prove useful against the spread, he could find himself playing a lot this season… (RW)

Do you see the depth chart changing by the start of the season? If so, at what positions?

2 thoughts on “Depth Chart Movers & Shakers?

  1. DK

    I would like a heavy running back play not for third n short but in the red zone. Pritchard, Nall & Anderson only get the play to be quick, explosive NFL quick…

  2. bob mullaney

    the WR starters are Bolden and Mullaney clear as day. Mullaney never missed a game through injury last year and was second on the team in receptions. If your watching the practices the only fight is in the slot between Gilmore and Jarmon. To make a statement like above on the WR’s is way off base.


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