Season Preview: Things I know…

As the summer winds down and my touring and vacation season comes to an end, I wanted to make sure I got out a few season prognostication articles before we go all in on PSU preparation.

So I am going to do a three part post over the next day or so, which will include Things I Know, Things I Think and Things I Hope.

1. I know that OSU has an NFL caliber Quarterback in Sean Mannion. .After this season he will most likely own all of the passing records that the conference and school have.  If OSU can find a run game and the defense can stop teams consistently, he has the potential to pass for more yards than last year.  There is a lot left that has to happen, but every day the line gets more and more solidified and the backs are working hard to make sure we can count on them.

I watched the WSU game from last year yesterday, and you really see some of what Sean can do, but also some of the things he worked on this off season. If his balance improves, his footwork improves and he can get the ball out quicker, as Garrett said when he was hired, Sean left about 200 yards and two TD’s on the field last year in that game.

It is interesting how some bad games in the past have jaded some in Beaver nation, but when you talk to opposing coaches, scouts and, more importantly, watch his games outside of the live environment of being a fan, you realize how special Sean really is.  He may not go to New Your for the Heisman ceremony or be on the cover of Sports Illustrated (thankfully) but when it counts, when teams are looking for the guy that is going to take them to the next level and be their Peyton Manning or Tom Brady they are going to give Sean a good, long look.

I am confident in saying I KNOW we will have a great and future NFL starter at Quarterback this year.

2. We will have a better defensive line this year than last year.  There is no denying that teams were able to run on us last year.  Teams like UW and USC had no problems getting yards on the ground against the Beavers, especially after Braun went down. Even typically poor running teams like WSU were able to have big gains on the ground.  This year, while we are missing NFL draft pick Scott Crichton, the Beavers have added a lot of talent at the defensive line.  Being six deep at tackle frees up OSU to do a lot, as well as having a multitude of different types of players to choose from at defensive end.

This defense has the personnel and front seven depth to be similar to the 2007 team.  I don’t thin kit will be easy to run on the Beavers this year, and that means teams will have to pass.  I am not sure what the pass rush will be like, but that pocket will survive well in the middle, so my guess is teams will struggle to throw the ball as well.  If our safeties and corners can focus less on the run and more on the pass, I think OSU will have a very good defense and very good season this year.

Regardless, I am confident in saying that I know our defensive line will be better overall than last year’s.

6 thoughts on “Season Preview: Things I know…

  1. Building the Dam (@BuildingTheDam)

    USC simply overwhelmed OSU, but much of the problem for the defensive front 7 against Washington was a terribly ill-conceived scheme, and equally bad adjustments, scheme/alignment wise, which made the capabilities of the players in that front 7 irrelevant. It’s very difficult to overcome a fatally flawed alignment.

    1. Peter Riley Osborne Post author

      I am not so sure. If you watch the USC game, they had a ton of cut back runs because we got over aggressive and you had two linebackers running into the same hole. Often the point of attack was ok, but the line just washed our line to the play side and there were huge lanes to cut back into. When you are not guys Hautau, Grimble and Delva’s size and are in shape to play, you are going to be able to put up more of a fight and keep the runner contained. As a lineman, I always wanted to get guys on “skates” and put them in a pile and then let the runner cut to the opening. That is what USC did to us.

      With UW, we just had issues with guys missing reads and having no one to fill on the edge when they went outside. Just like the ducks made a terrible Arizona QB look great that Saturday, OSU did the same. I will never understand what happened that game, but I still want to puke on myself when I think of it.

      Anyway, good points and good conversation. I think the defensive line will make a huge difference this year because they are just bigger and more athletic and are not going to give up as much space. Especially at DT.

      1. Bigpearn

        Something that also forget about the USC game is both Doctor and Alexander did not play. We had one freshman OLB making his first or second start and a Fresham MLB. Tons of missed tackles in that game!

        1. Peter Riley Osborne Post author

          That is a great point. There were a lot of instances of linebackers running into the same hole and getting washed away. Even if those guys play, they have had a year to get better, so we definitely have more depth at linebacker this year. It will be interesting for sure!

      2. Building the Dam (@BuildingTheDam)

        I agree about USC washing the line out, and yes, when the linemen are undersized or out of shape, relatively, that’s easier for any opponent, and especially a big strong one, to to make happen.

        Against Washington, there were innumerable big plays that had already happened before the ball was ever snapped, because alignments invited the Huskies to do exactly what they wanted to do, with no provision to be able to have anyone make a read and do anything about it from where they were starting.

        1. Peter Riley Osborne Post author

          Totally agree. It reminded me of my junior year at Crescent Valley. We were so bad but we had figured out the audibles by West Albany, so we knew what they were doing every play. We barely beat them, but that is how the UW game felt. Like they knew what we were going to do and just called a play against it.



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