Tinkle Trifecta!

Tuesday was a great day to be a Beaver — maybe one of the greatest ever when it comes to being an OSU basketball fan.

Stephen Thompson Jr., Tres Tinkle, and Derrick Bruce all committed to Wayne Tinkle and the Beavers. Their verbal pledges, combined with Drew Eubanks’ a week earlier, gives OSU two 4-stars and two 3-stars for the 2015 class. All four are ranked top-150 players

The four make up what could be the greatest class in OSU history, and Tinkle and Co. might not be done. Additional scholarships could available through attrition, and who wouldn’t be at least tempted to team up with OSU’s “Fab Four”?

In Thompson, the Beavers get a smooth shooter; Tinkle a versatile inside-out presence; Bruce a athletic playmaker; and Eubanks a emerging post presence.

While it remains to be seen how well Tinkle adjusts to coaching in the Pac-12, he’s given himself a huge boost, even if it’s two seasons away. You couldn’t ask for a better foundation to build upon than the one he’s got so far. Tuesday should serve notice to Beaver Nation that Tinkle is determined to turn things around in hurry.

More importantly, it provides a much-needed jolt of excitement and optimism to a fan base that quite frankly has grown apathetic. Message boards, Twitter, and office water cooler areas were in a frenzy today.

It’s awesome news for the OSU hoops program, even if Tinkle hasn’t won a game, and if he hasn’t already won your support with his vision and recruiting skills, he could use it now. This season is going to be a tough one.

Make no mistake about it, the Beavers could lose a lot of games in 2014-15. They will play hard and smart under Tinkle, but you don’t lose your top four players from the previous season and not feel it. But some of the current players will play a big role in two years when the 2015 class arrives on campus. So why not get out to Gill and support this year’s Beavers squad?

Hop on board now and get ready for the return of the Orange Express, Beaver Nation!

2 thoughts on “Tinkle Trifecta!

  1. Building the Dam (@BuildingTheDam)

    These recruits and the much improved non-conference schedule announced today are certainly encouraging.

    It is worth noting that if it hadn’t been for the conveniently timed falling thru of the Cameron Oliver commit today (that no explanation was offered for), there wouldn’t have been enough scholarships for all of today’s commits.

    And this new infusion of talent is going to have to produce if this kind of talent can continue to be attracted to Corvallis when there are no inside tracts on some of them.

    1. Raju Woodward Post author

      Great points. It’s interesting what happened with Oliver, considering he was in Corvallis recently. I think the Beavers could’ve used his athleticism, especially this season. I wouldn’t be surprised to see other roster moves.

      I definitely agree about your last point. The 2015 class looks fantastic on paper, but Tinkle and Co. will need to win to be able to keep bringing top talent to Corvallis. Not that it was a given that the Beavers would land Tinkle and Thompson, but the family connection helped.


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