5 Hawaii Game Quick Hits

The Beavers escaped Aloha Stadium with a 38-30 victory, and while a win is a win, it was frustrating at the same time, considering the Beavers led 38-7 entering the 4th quarter! Peter71 will go into detail about that later with his ballyhooed Candy Report. Until then, here’s five things that stood out to me about Satuday’s game (in no particular order).

  • Boom goes the Dynamite: WR turned DE Obum Gwacham turned heads during fall camp with his athleticism and speed, earning raves from several coaches including defensive coordinator Mark Banker. The senior, while still raw, showed off his potential against Hawaii, recording two sacks! He had a third, but it was negated by a holding penalty. Gwacham’s physical skill set is rare for DE, so he could really create mismatches and headaches for opposing players this season. It’s nice to see him making an impact, no matter if it’s a little later than expected.
  • Sloppy Play: Besides letting a 31-point lead slip away, the ugliest part of the game for the Beavers was the 13 penalties they committed, which not only helped Hawaii get back into the game, but stalled OSU’s offense several times. The dead-ball penalties were especially infuriating. And the too many men on the field calls shouldn’t be happening still. The Beavers have to clean up this area soon, or they will lose several games as a result of penalties this season.
  • Bolden was BEASTIN’:  Was anyone else impressed at how strong Victor Bolden looked against Hawaii?  And I’m not taking about his 11 catches for 119 yards and a TD. Just as impressive was the fact that he seemed to be embracing contact, breaking tackles and delivering hits to defenders, He also held onto a pass after getting absolutely drilled. Bolden is already being counted on to be the Beavers’  top playmaker this season, and having physical toughness will only help. His increased strength is great to see, and speaks to his work ethic and determination.
  • OSU’s LBs are Good, Really Good: What a difference having all three starting linebackers healthy makes. The unit excelled against Hawaii, especially Michael Doctor, who missed all of last season due to injury. He was a force and helped keep Hawaii’s mobile QB in the pocket most of the game. All three starters, as well as backup Rommel Mageo, played well and helped set the tempo  early on for the defense. This is a group that should be one of the best in the conference, as long as it can stay healthy. That said, it was worrisome to see DJ Alexander leave late in the game.
  • Storm Moving Out: Storm Woods is a great blocker and has good hands out of the backfield. Plus, he also seems to move best in space. That’s why I’ve long advocated that he line up at WR here and there. So I was stoked to see him him do so against Hawaii, and I hope it happens more as the season goes on. Woods as a receiving option makes the Beavers’ passing game even more dangerous, and opens the possibility of him and Ward being on the field at the same time. And guess what, Woods tied for second on the team in catches against Hawaii, pulling in 4 for 41 yards. The dude can catch.

What things stood out to you about the Beavers against Hawaii? (RW)

5 thoughts on “5 Hawaii Game Quick Hits

  1. Dan

    P71; I’ve got a question I’d like to know (what you think is) the answer to: when SM threw the pick on the attempted screen pass, the LB was kind of ‘hiding’ behind the lineman (from Seans vision) and then jumped up and grabbed it outa the air . . .my question is: should the o Lineman have moved forward the 1-2 yards to engage the LB (assuming he didn’t cross the LOS), thus effectively keeping him from jumping up (or at least jumping up freely to grab the ball . . ), or what is the correct action on his part (and maybe what he did IS the correct action . . )? TIA


    Oh, and ‘hi’. 🙂

    1. blowcheese

      Dan i have another question about that play: why did they go back to that well so soon? That is already a dangerous play throwing a soft ball into a pack of players but calling it again before the defense has forgotten the first time is stupid and you are asking for a pick. Really dumb in my opinion.

    2. Peter Riley Osborne

      I think that, in this case, it was just a bad call. The offensive lineman could have come out, and in general, if you are a lineman and anyone jumps, you should immediately hit them as hard as you can in any soft, un-padded spot you can find. If you watch the view from the endzone, Sean had no way of knowing that dude was even there, the player looked open and it was the right call and right read. The receiver did a good job of getting open. The problem is that it was something they had fooled them on once, the player was hidden by the lineman and, to be honest, the dude jumped super high and made a great play.

      Play calls and execution is great, but you can never plan for someone making a ridiculous physical play. That was what that guy did.

      Hawaii is a tough place to play for a lot of reasons, but they are not short on speed or size or violence. So you cannot treat them like a bad team because athletically they will have guys that match up well with a lot of teams. Last year they were tough at home against USC and this year they were very tough against UW and we let them in the game Saturday. I think OSU played very well in most of that game, but it got sloppy and OSU didn’t take care of business to keep the score a representation of what the game was like.

  2. blowcheese

    Riley and staff are still questionable in-game decision makers and have a chronic lack of killer instinct but one area they consistently manage with excellence is Personnel and Player Development.
    Case in point is the running backs this year. It’s early but the hand wringing over the committee approach seems foolish.
    Ward and Woods are both productive so far and their roles have been refined to maximize what they each do well. Ward is a sparkplug and workhorse between the tackles. Doesn’t have breakaway speed or shiftiness but has enough acceleration and pop to consistently get 3-5 yards on basic running plays. Woods has subtly been relegated to backup but stays involved with quick hitters, draws and as mentioned by Raju provides sparks with his outlet receiving.
    There might be more talented ballcarriers further down the depth chart (Damien Haskins and Chris Brown NEED some carries if for no other reason than experience) but you have to love the crafty leveraging of the experienced guys and the production so far.

    1. Peter Riley Osborne

      Yeah, I totally agree. I think they are a little too quick to give up on things and honestly, why not run the fly sweep a little in the end to keep teams honest? Especially when you can pull Bolden and work with Dockery if you want. I think there are always things they can do better in terms of colling plays, but I agree 100% on the running backs and think you are spot on with Ward. I think if he gets a crease, he is very quick and explosive through the hole and can get big chunks of yards. I thought Woods did well too, especially on that screen pass.

      Anyway, it is always good to leave with a win and the defense looks like they are doing better each week.


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