The Offical Candy Report: Awards for Hawaii

A day late and dollar short I guess, but here are the awards for this week! The big thing to me was not just that there were a lot of new names excelling but that there were a lot of players that played in a way I never expected.

So this award was easy for me, and usually I would give this player the Jujifruit award because they are new on the scene.  Fortunately, this player made such a huge splash, and had so many big plays that are never going to show up on his stat sheet, that I had to give it to Obum Gwatcham for being in total Beast Mode all game long. While his stat sheet shows two sacks and no other tackles, Boom Boom was robbed of another sack and a great tackle by penalties.

The thing is, Obum looked like he was toying with them.  Like a giant spider playing with flys stuck in his web.  He was physical at the point of attack, shed blockers when needed, was violent at the point of contact and played with a certain amount of flaming hair every play.  While he will play better linemen, his pad level, his extension and the way he uses his hands and arms are things that will help him against better linemen as well.  His speed is off the charts for a defensive end and he has all the makings of a special player.  This next week will be a big test, but I can see Gwatcham pulling in 10+ sacks this year. He got a good jump on it getting two (3) against Hawaii.

So thank you Obum, because you are an awesome guy and a great player and I have been wanting to cheer for you since you got to OSU.  Thank you for making that a reality this weekend!

This was also an easy one. for me as this player came out, made huge strides and showed off a physical nature i never thought he would have.  Victor Bolden was electric catching the ball and running with it, but he was also punishing with his running, delivering blows to the defense as they worked to bring him down.  He also blocked well and outside of one loss of focus play (dropped a pass) he was exceptional.  In fact, the reason he dropped the pass, in my mind, was he knew he had a first down and he also knew was going to be able to deliver a blow.

I am not, obviously, a mind reader, so that last comment may be all lies, but the way he played reminded me of a middle school player who finally realizes he loves to hit. Bolden looked confident in his skills but also his role and his position. So he was able to go out there and just be athletic and play football. Just like his predecessor, he is improving each week.  Cooks had a breakout game against UCLA in game three, so hopefully we see that with Bolden as well in two weeks.

Regardless, he looks good, fearless and fast.  Who could ask for anything more?

This is not so much about ESPN, but I do like to throw out how much disdain I have for the leader in sports lies and skewed stories whenever I can. This award actually goes to the Pac-12 Network.  I wanted to give it to the refs at the Hawaii game, but two things held me back.  First, did anyone expect competent refs in this game? Hawaii never has had competent refs and to be honest, the fact that they called anything on Hawaii was a breath of fresh air.

The second reasons is that the Pac-12 Network’s suckiness eclipsed that of the refs.  Look, I understand that media today is not about reporting the news, facts or what is happening, but rather to create a narrative that develops a paradigm for looking at the world.  In short, news just tells people that agree with that point of view what they want to hear, truth be damned.

I just hate it in sports.  Sports by their nature are exciting, I don’t have to be lied to in order to find this out.  Not only that, unlike politics, sports has clear winners and losers every game.  So while I understand that the Network is not about showing Pac-12 games, but rather about promoting the Pac-12 and presenting a narrative that the Pac-12 is the predominant conference in the nation.

The problem is, the play on the field will tell the real story.  So while you are espousing how amazing Washington State is, you might want to also mention that they are 0-2.  With all the hype they built around them, the reality plays out in the season and WSU is going to struggle.  Even more as they get into conference schedules.  The hype machine did a great job of getting the conference known and for getting a lot of names on Heisman watch lists and such. The thing is, the season will play out and show reality and all hype will either grow (like the ducks) or fizzle (like WSU).  When it fizzles, if you keep pumping up that machine, you are going to just look dumb.  That is where the Pac-12 network is now.  It whitewashes issues with programs (is the State of Washington going to win many games at all this year?) and it tries to bend reality.

This is sports, not politics.  As much as we want to bend reality and make our team amazing, every Saturday, they go out and prove if they are or not.  To continue to talk about the ones that prove to be pretenders as if they are still elite just makes you look foolish and ruins your credibility when you are talking about teams that really are excelling.  Boo Pac-12 Network, you make watching your games super annoying.

6 thoughts on “The Offical Candy Report: Awards for Hawaii

  1. Building the Dam (@BuildingTheDam)

    I got confused by the last award.

    The officials were a Pac-12 crew, and if anything, the Pac-12 offices need to think about who they send to Hawaii for a vacation; having the white hat working ANY Pac-12 non-conference game involving either Oregon team be an official from Salem, OR, was bound to contribute to inciting Coach Chow and his assistant, regardless of whether they got the call right or wrong.

    And I didn’t follow the chain on the rant on the Pac-12 Network, or ESPN for that matter; this was a CBS Sports broadcast. They could have been better prepared on both teams and both conferences, but that’s another matter.

    1. Peter Riley Osborne Post author

      HA, that is what I get for train of thought writing.

      The last award, historically, has nothing to do with the actual game, but more of a general malaise in the world of football. Sometimes it is about the refs of a Beaver game, sometimes about the ducks doing something dumb, but mostly just a chance to rant about something that bothers me about the world of college football.

      In this case it was all the other games that bother me, though the lack of replay by CBS Sports Network is annoying, but not something they need to offer by any stretch.

      I didn’t realize they were Pac 12 officials. In the past they have had Mountain West officials. As recently as 2008 I know that Mountain West officials were used for all of their home games.

      Regardless, I guess I am also not surprised by incompetence in the reffing from the Pac-12. And they got that award last week, so I figured I would branch out. Anyway, sorry about the confusion… I tend to get a little randy in the actual Candy Report posts…

      1. Building the Dam (@BuildingTheDam)

        For the last several years now (at least 3), MOST non-conference games between FBS teams (doesn’t usually apply to FCS at FBS games) are worked by a crew from the visiting team’s conference, and that was done to address some of those issues with “homer” officials.

        It’s not 100% (and it doesn’t include the replay officials), especially in week 1, and sometimes when long distance travel or heavy slates with non-power 5 conference teams are involved (CUSA & Sun Belt, for example, play a LOT of road games in week 1, and therefore more total games than their conference usually plays, and they don’t have the crews to ramp up to that degree for 1 or 2 weeks out of the year, so some of those games get home conf. crews).

        1. Peter Riley Osborne Post author

          Yeah, I think that is why I assumed Hawaii would have their own refs, especially with the ducks, Stanford, UW, Cal, and Utah all at home against FCS opponents or Pac-12 opponents. Thanks for the information man!

  2. Blowcheese

    What about a LemonHeads award for biggest sourpuss. Yeah Norm Chow you cranky old man. Amusing us with his coniption fits all night long. Dude should never have been allowed to leave the box.

    And yeah i had a lot of cavitys from eating Pan Ferrera candy when i was a kid so like you Peter I know all the flavors. I would ride my bike down there with some quarters and buy a box of those Red Hots or the Hot Tamales. (ok LemonHeads too).

    How about a Red Hots award for best hit or hitter?


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