SDSU Matchups I Am Interested In

Victor Bolden vs.  SDSU secondary:
The Sand Diego State secondary is young and raw.  I am sure they will be well coached, and there will most likely be a lot of pressure on Sean Mannion to get the ball out quickly, but I also hope that Bolden can build on his success last week. He should be able to get separation and if he can keep his focus and continue to attack the secondary, I think he can have success.

Obum Gwatcham vs. Terry Poole and Pearce Slater:
San Diego State has one returning starter in Poole and one new starter in Slater.  Poole is a very good tackle and both of them are massive (over 6’4 and 310 lbs), so it will be interesting to see if Boom can keep his momentum rolling this week.  I expect both players for the Aztecs to be better than anyone he faced in Hawaii, but they also are going to have to sustain their blocks well as they have a mobile QB that likes to abandon the pocket.  This plays into the hyper athletic Gwatcham’s skills as he has the speed to close on most QB’s and if Quinn gets outside the tackles, Boom will get a chance to make a play on him.

Gwatcham needs to continue to progress and get more violent with his hands and maintain leverage on the offensive players even though he is 6’5″, but if he can take another step this week, he might be able to force a lot of errors on the error prone QB for SDSU.

OSU Offensive LIne vs. SDSU blitzes:
Once again, like in 2013, we will probably see a different front five this week than we have seen all year.  With Weinreich out and Harlow slow to come back, there is a chance that Dustin Stanton will get his first start against by far the best defense that OSU will have played all year.  There is a chance that even when Harlow gets back that they may move him down and keep Stanton and Andrews on the outside.  My guess is that this is going to make it difficult for OSU to come out to the same fast start they did last week.

If they do, and the line can be solid against a very good front seven or eight of SDSU, then it will be a big day for the Beavers.  I don’t think Hawaii is as bad as everyone else, but this will be a pretty decent upgrade in talent and a HUGE step in coaching.

Mike Riley vs Rocky Long:
I have always been a big Rocky Long fan. I was good friends with his daughters when he coached at OSU and thought he was the best defensive coach we have ever had.  He also is well aware of what Mike does and how he operates, having played against him and coached against him a half dozen times at various coaching stops.

So what is Mike, and Garrett, going to do to change things up?  How are they going to get SDSU to do what they want them to do or adjust to what SDSU is going to do?  Will they have the silly mistakes shored up by then?  Will the bye week end up being the turning point on a season filled with miscues?

What is Rocky going to do?  We have all seen his defenses through the years and we know about the players they have. I don’t like to think about last year too much because OSU is so much more stable and experienced in their front seven than last year (as well as better physically) but what is Rocky going to do to overcome what is a slight, but still evident talent gap?  This is two very good coaches that are very familiar with each other playing chess. It will be interesting to see what happens for sure!


2 thoughts on “SDSU Matchups I Am Interested In

  1. blowcheese

    Rocky Long is a fundamentals first coach. I agree with Peter he was the best DC the beavs had in the modern period (since i started paying attention:-)

    I also do not see the beavs fast breaking to easy points early in this game. I expect SDSU defense to be much more gluey than Hawaii. But eliminate the false starts and execute (catching the ball and holding on to the ball will be huge this week) and i see the beavs getting into the end zone more than the bad guys.

    Home crowd fires up the D this week and the bye week focus on assignment football pays off. I see the Aztecs getting stiffed at critical times. Offense just needs to be efficient and beavs roll to a smooth win.

    1. GVOD

      I was thinking about how to approach a blitz-happy 3-4, or in this week’s case a 3-3. I trust our senior QB to be able to make adjustments at the line, and I think this will be a key component to the gameplan this week. (I was questioning some of the apparent run audibles vs obvious blitzes last week in the 4th quarter…) It seems to get a good pre-snap read, Sean has to be able to give a hard count. I think this game more than any other it will be critical for the offensive line to hold water. I’m hopeful that this line issue got some attention during the bye week and practice this week. Thanks for your insight and for sharing it on the blog.


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