Breakdown: SDSU – Part 1

I don’t have time to do the whole game, but I figured i would take down some notes on the SDSU game.  OSU really dominates this game after stumbling early, but to be honest, the play calling was amazing and the adjustments made were incredible.  I hope this shows in my report:

SDSU Drive 1:
1st and 10 (SDSU 25 yard line):
Wynn gets a false start right off the bat. Feels like Deja Vu

1st and 5 (SDSU 30 yard line):
This was a good play call and OSU had the perfect storm of errors.  The play side defensive end steps up and in but gets caught up in the interior and loses contain.  Doctor pulls the trigger and runs in the middle as two and actually blocks our defensive end (I believe it is Bennett) .  So there is currently no one outside that can container, and all eyes are looking to the fake away from the ball carrier.

Their pulling guard, who moves very well (a theme for them) comes around the corner and is able to seal in the safety because the safety tries to go around him to the inside. This frees the runner and he is off to the races… or at least for a big gain.

1st and 10 (OSU 34 yard line):
This flea flicker was a bad throw away from being a touchdown.  The worst part is that the receiver rushes right between the two safeties on his way to the endzone. Actually, the worst part is that the defensive line gets handled pretty well on this play.

2nd and 10 (OSU 34 yard line):
SDSU runs an inside stretch play, but they do an interesting technique with their line, allowing the interior offensive guards to block similar to a screen block, letting the defenders through while they have their fullback come in and push the defender to the side.   This opens a huge hole and allows their offensive line to get to the second level.

3rd and 1 (OSU 25 yard line):
Another inside run, and OSU’s pad level is too high. SDSU has a double that drives Delva back and their running back just follows his blockers. At this point I was thinking that this was going to be a long night as they were just drove one of our huge defenders straight back into the linebackers.

1st and 10 (OSU 13 yard line):
While I am not sure why Toledo switched to an outside run, since the inside stuff was working great, OSU was able to use their speed to track the runner down and make the play. Still gave u four yards there.

2nd and 6 (OSU 9 yard line):
OSU stuffs this pretty well. While the defensive linemen give a little ground, the linebackers shoot the gaps made by this and make the play

3rd and 4 (OSU 7 yard line):
This is a good route by Mills. When I first watched it I was mad about the alignment of the Beavers, but Strong lines up in good position, but mills gets his hips turned to the outside and then cuts back in to get a pretty decent amount of separation. Strong recovers well, but this was a solid route by a good receiver.

1st and Goal (OSU 2 yard line):
This is the play that I think gets the Defense going.  They get blown off the ball and Pomphery walks in to the endzone.  This is one of the last plays that the Beaver defense gets dominated on. TD bad guys

NOTE: At this point, i am flipping out. OSU got dominated and all the fears I had came flooding back.

OSU’s 1st Drive
1st and 10 (OSU 25 yard line):
If the full back gets his guy down on this play, Storm starts off with about a 50 yard run. Sapolu comes around on a pull and the line makes a big pile.  Sapolu gets his guy, but Woods has to cut up early because the end defender was not on he ground and was pushing his way to the hole.  If he had been able to keep running on his track he might have broke it a for a big gain.

2nd and 4 (OSU 31 yard line):
My favorite play, great blocking by Clute and if Smith could have gotten his guy down or stayed in front of him and if Bolden could have stayed outside and followed Clute, he had a lot of green there.

1st and 10 (OSU 36 yard line):
Great down blocking by Mitchell and Bays, but Connor Hamlett gets stood up a bit and ends up getting pushed into the hole. A good play call and Storm is still physically able to drive the pile a bit to get four out of this run.

2nd and 6 (OSU 40 yard line):
Mannion has time but chooses to run and gets 2 yards. Love his willingness to move and get down field when needed.

3rd and 2 (OSU 42 yard line):
I would have liked to see another run here, but the play was there. If Sean can hit him out of his break on the come back route, it is a first down. He also had Mullaney open at the line behind Hamlett.  Good play call, just a little late on the throw and a great defensive play on a very accurate throw.

From here I wanted to focus on a few specific plays an drives.  OSU begins to dominate on this second drive, and I saw a lot of good plays by Delva and Wynn.

SDSU Second Drive
3rd and 6 (SDSU 18 yard line)
This is a great example of Dylan Wynn making plays.  He gets off the line and heads straight for the QB, forcing him to throw it away.  There was a recevier in the area, but he SDSU QB throw it while falling down trying to avoid getting hit again but tosses the ball in the direction of where it should be.

SDSU Second Drive
3rd and 6 (SDSU 18 yard line)
This is a great example of Dylan Wynn making plays.  He gets off the line and heads straight for the QB, forcing him to throw it away.  There was a recevier in the area, but he SDSU QB throw it while falling down trying to avoid getting hit again but tosses the ball in the direction of where it should be.

OSU Second Drive
1st and 10 (OSU 30 yard line)
Now this play sucked because Sean got hit, but it is a good example of a misleading play.  While it appears that OSU has a line break down that allows a guy to run basically free in to Sean’s back, the line actually blocks great.  Andrews punishes his guy and drives him down the line.  The problem is the full back fakes like he is going to block the outside guy but then goes after the inside guy, so the running back has to change directions and is not quick enough to get to the outside blitzer in time.

While Joey Harrington (who actually did a good job most of the game) calls out the line on this, it is actually the fault of the running backs.  This is something they fix later in the game and it results in a ton of passing yards in the second half.  It also is something that the Beavers will need to be able to do. When OSU breaks SDSU of blitzing because they pick it up well, it leads to a lot of open looks later in the game.

On a side note, how awesome is the fight in Andrews to pull that ball back. He has a very good game this week and is in the running for Candy Report awards.

1st and 10 (OSU 42 yard line)
After picking up the first down on a bullet pass from Mannion, OSU goes to the ground again and gives it to ward on an outside stretch play.  While Sapolu gives up some ground blocking his guy, Andrews drives his defender eight yards down field with great hand work and leg drive and gives Ward a good outside lane to run. If Sapolu could have gotten his man down, this was a huge play in the makings. As it was, Ward gets a solid 5 yard gain on first down.

3rd and 4 (OSU 48 yard line)
This play appears to be a normal Beaver play, yet in a season where third down conversions haven’t come easy for the Beavers, I wanted to point out two things.  First, the throw is a bullet, right on target and this drive is where you really see Sean getting into stride on his passes.  Secondly, Bolden has gotten so much better at running routes.  Here when he comes back, his break out of full speed forward to come back is so good, that the defender just falls to the ground trying to change direction. I would run this play all day with that kind of execution by the receiver and QB. Especially since it sets up fakes later on for much bigger plays.

2nd and 27(SDSU 41 yard line)
This will be my last play for now, but I wanted to point out not just the great block by Ward, but also the way the line just drove their defense around to one side.  This was a very good passing lane for Sean and he throw the most perfect pass to Jarmon. While it may have been a TD had he been able to hit him in stride, he had to throw it high enough to keep it out of reach of the safety coming over. The pass was perfect, that catch was great and Jarmon jump started his career at OSU with this catch. Getting a first down on a second and 27 play was beyond huge.







3 thoughts on “Breakdown: SDSU – Part 1

  1. blowcheese

    Strong sense of Dejavu as i type this, not sure why, but Ward and Woods are really doing a nice job of going directly to whatever crease there is and getting 3-4 yards. 2cnd and 6 is isn’t great but a couple of times they went right back to the run and got another 5 yards. And then on 3rd down, guess what, SDstate overplayed the run and Hamlett was wide open .

    That’s balance.

    And Peter did you see the quick toss to Ward? LOVE that. It will be really hard for teams to overload the box when they have to cheat guys out for contain. I hope this trend continues.

    Although they never used the shuttle play i asked for they did run the draw effectively which is kinda the same thing and a little safer.

    1. Peter Riley Osborne Post author

      I totally agree and I think 2nd and 6 is great because your whole offense is available to you. 2nd and 10 or higher and you are looking at passing, screens and draws. So to get four yards on the first play is super efficient and helps extend drives. The other thing I liked about this weekend was the play of Andrews. He really pushed a lot of guys around and was able to latch on and play hard. I thought he might have been our best lineman, except for one play where he didn’t know who to block.

      And the toss was awesome. I was so excited to see that, and will actually write about that later. That is a play that used to get huge yards with Steven Jackson and when you overload one side with linebackers and full backs, it gives you a lot of options to cut up on. That was probably the best wrinkle I saw all day. That and the idea that on pass blocking they could just drive all the defense to one side and use full backs and half backs to pick up the outside blitzes.

      I thought that was a very well coached game and a very well played game by the team.


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