Slaying the Giants

This week, I have such a mixed feeling of hope and worry.  I find myself getting edgy when people talk too highly of USC, because I don’t believe they have earned it yet. I also get too antsy when I feel myself putting them down to much because they are a good team, with good coaches and amazing talent.  I cross the line in terms of Beaver Belief where I am making statements based on hope and not on reality.

While I look at USC, I force myself to see warts, rather than the things they do super well.  it is comforting and makes me feel better about OSU’s chances.  When I watch OSU’s film, I focus on the great plays and gloss over some of the glaring mistakes.  It is a perfect storm called Fandom and it effects us all in our own way.

So what does OSU need to do to win?  They need to stop the best defender in the nation.  They need to contain one of the best receivers in the country.  They will have to score on a defense that only allows 20 points a game and contain an offense that scores 32.  In short, they are going to have to pick up their rocks, grab their slings and slay some giants.

Now this is not the USC of 2006 or 2008.  There are serious issues on their offensive line, they cannot run up the middle well and they have a lot of injuries on defense.  But they are still loaded with four and five star talent, they still are big, fast and mean and they still require 100% of OSU’s attention and effort.

So this week, I don’t care if we score 13 points as long as they score 10.  I don’t care if we are pretty or if we grind out each play and each drive and just get four yards a play all the way down the field.  I just want full effort, full attention and the elimination of silly errors or mental lapses.  I don’t want to see dropped deep balls, false starts, roughing the passer or chippy retaliation that makes good plays a 15 yard penalty and automatic first down.

Pick up your slings, grab your rocks and take the field like it is your last game you will ever play because  a win here will mean more to you than the loss will to them, and a win here sets this team up with one more big step to greatness. Everyone’s goal is 12 – 0 but you don’t get to 12 without first getting to 4.

Go Beavers, slay some giants and ride home Animal Style and with rarefied glory that goes with exiting the Coliseum with a win!

4 thoughts on “Slaying the Giants

  1. Building the Dam (@BuildingTheDam)

    Until the recent era of sanctions and the immediate post-sanction fallout, no strategy for dealing with USC ever had trying to exploit their lack of depth, but that is now a reality for a couple of years. (Enjoy it; it won’t last.)

    Oddly, with inexperience at WR and on the o-line, Oregon State is less capable of that in ways than usual, at just the worst time, yet with Sean Mannion at the controls, I feel like the Beavers might actually be able to have some success, using 2-3 backs and 10 receivers, something that would never work with an inexperienced QB, but as we saw against SD St, was right in Sean’s wheelhouse.

    At the same time, I couldn’t be more curious to see how the coaching matchup goes, something that has gone poorly for the Beavs and coach Riley 3 of the last 4 times against coach Sarkisian. It’s my greatest reservation going into this game, based on the last couple of episodes between these 2 staffs.

    And though all statistical measures suggest a close, competitive game, the last 2 Oregon St.-USC games have gotten out of hand, one each way.

    So many interesting angles!

    1. Peter Riley Osborne Post author

      I would say that the difference between this year and the past are as follows:

      1. USC has three freshmen rotating in on their Offensive Line. While ours has far more experience and is playing better, USC has struggled and only got 20 yards rushing at BC.
      2. In terms of playing Sark, to me, the issue is not Sark at all. OSU had a great record against him when he had Holt, and the loss in 2010 was a narrow one aided by the loss of their best player the week before. To me the issues is Riley vs Wilcox. In 2012, OSU should have won but, in my opinion, they rushed Sean back too early and OSU was not able to move the ball on the Husky defense. That game, in my opinion, had little to nothing to do with Sark and everything to do with Wilcox. Last year was the big aberation, as was 2011. In terms of scheme and in game changes, Riley is far superior to Sark. In terms of getting teams ready to play and week long prep, I give the nod to Sark. So it will be hard to say what will happen. OSU matches up extremely well against USC in terms of strengths versus weaknesses, and with the injuries that USC has had to deal with, this might be the closest in terms of talent and ability on the field that OSU has ever been nor will be against the Trojans.

      So hopefully it is a win! But like I said, I am not very objective…

  2. blowcheese

    Peter and Raju i think both of you are agreeing the team psychology here is WAY different than it was last year for both teams and I honestly think that “edge” goes to neither team right now. Last year SC came into corvallis playing loose and easy, didn’t have a gameplan i could see and whatever plan our coaches had was blown away by the sheer wave of enthusiasm SC had about being the coachless underdog. OS played tight early, looked exposed on offense and passive on defense.
    Flip the page- SC is trying to salvage their season, will probably be tight, feel exposed etc. Its for this I REALLY hope the beav coaches recognize the value of going for the knockout punch early and reinforce that disheveled feeling in the brains of the toejamp players and fans. I am talking heavy blitzing from all angles early. Hit kessler just for standing there. Go for the strip on the ballcarrier like he is looting a korean grocery store. On offense i know we have been trying to be balanced but i actually think come out throwing and go for the early strike. No clock burning and letting them get their footing. Climb on this donkey early and then ride it home!

    1. Peter Riley Osborne Post author

      Yeah, I totally agree. I hope they get the ball first and I kind of want to see one of those blitzes where it just feels like the whole team is coming down their throats. I doubt that will happen the first play, but man, it would be nice if we can get solid pressure. Heck if we can rush four and get pressure, it will be a long, long game for them!


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