Bring on the Buffalos

Now that I have been able to exorcise my demons from last week, and some that have lingered for a few years, I am ready to move on and look at this game against Colorado.  The Beavers have a chance to rebound against a team that while offensively potent, has given up over 30 points to all of their opponents except Hawaii.  They had a thriller against Cal on the road that was a double overtime loss.

There is a lot to like about this matchup against the Beavers and a lot to dislike.  Colorado is not good against the pass, so they are going to have to find a way to stop OSU’s passing attack. Unlike USC, who has one of the top secondaries in the country, Colorado is ranked 107th in points allowed and has given up 14 touchdowns through the air this year.  If OSU is going to break out of its offensive slump, this is the week.

Defensively, the Beavers are going to have to compete against a very athletic and very good quarterback on a system that is becoming the norm in the conference. While not as big or accurate as Keller was for USC, Sefo Kiufau is still a good QB with some decent weapons. With Grimble and Tago out, this will be a tougher test for the Beavers coming into Boulder.  Especially with the altitude advantage that the Buffs will have.

There is a lot to like about this matchup for the Beavers, but one thing that worries me. That USC game was rough, in a lot of ways.  The biggest is in the minds of the players.  They know that they could have won that game, they know what USC is and they are going to have to find a way to overcome that loss.  Overcome the loss of momentum and get back on track.  Especially defensively, where the USC game took a toll on the Beavers.  They are going to have to come out smart, fired up and ready to go.

These are the tough games, like the USC game following the Stanford loss last year, or the UW game following the Utah win in 2012.  The Beavers are a little beat up physically and emotionally and they are going to need to respond. I think we will know early on how they do, and I hope that it is a sign of them taking another step forward.  With games against Colorado and Utah in the next two weeks, OSU needs to find a way to be 5-1 by the time they roll in to Pa;lo Alto.  But you cannot be 5-1 without first being 4-1 so they have to beat the Buffs. GO BEAVERS!


One thought on “Bring on the Buffalos

  1. blowcheese

    I have a theory Beavs will now play better because the organ dux lost. Yes, very scientific. But I know how much psyche garbage floats around this state all the time when that team is on a run so it CANNOT go unnoticed when the team you share a backyard with takes a very painfail nosedive. And this isn’t even based on Dylan Wynn and Bud Delva’s twitter chuckles today.

    Anyway i think there will be just enough of an edge to maintain a 10 pt margin against the prairie cows. Beavs 31 Buffs 21


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