Player Breakdown: Gavin Andrews vs Colorado

In what I hope will be a popular feature, i am going to go through play by play one of OSU’s players and review what they did and didn’t do.  At the end I will give them a grade on a scale of 1-4 that will be the average of all of their plays individual scores.  Below is the legend for what each point means:

1 – This play was game changing in a positive way.  (like a touchdown)
2 – This play was performed as intended
3 – This play was below expectations but didn’t damage the play
4 – This play was a catastrophic failure (like a touchdown)

Left tackle for OSU

  1. First Quarter
    1. Pass play, held block, got his head too involved after initial block and was pulled down so his feet couldn’t keep up.  He was able to give Mannion enough time to make the pass.  – 3
    2. Run play.  Defender backed away from him and then tried to run upfield.  The play went the other way so he was never going to make the play. – 2.5
    3. Pass play: Defender went inside, but Gavin was in good position to block him when he came back. – 2
    4. Pass play: Defender again gets him on the push pull a bit and gets ahead of Gavin.  Gavin makes him take a long trip around, but had Mannion held it a second longer it would have been a sack. – 3
    5. Run play: Ran away from Andrews.  He had a good initial push, but got caught grabbing jersey.  Should have been a holding call as he didn’t let go of the defender when he tried to spin out.  – 3.5
    6. Run Play: Defender got across his face, but he did a great job of just driving him out (with full back help) then maintained good leg drive to push him down field a bit.  – 2.5
    7. Pass Play: Great first step, kept the defender in front of him and was able to keep him outside the pocket the whole play – 2
    8. Run Play: Drives his guy two yards off the ball on the snap and then gets turned around in a pile.  Touchdown! – 1.5
    9. Run Play: Gets driven back a yard and then recovers, runner runs outside of him, but has to bump it out – 3.5
    10. Run Play: Drives his guy straight to the sideline and helps give the runner a clear cut lane. Dominates his man on a Touchdown play – 1.5
    11. Run Play: Tries to block out but the defense is going away from him. – 3
    12. Pass Play: Gets a great step off the snap and controls his defender around, not giving up any ground. – 2
    13. Pass Play: Same as the play before, the defender tries to get separation and Gavin adjusts perfectly.  – 2
    14. Pass Play: Again, stays in front of his man and pushes him back.  The defender is starting to give up on getting the QB and steps back to try and make a play after the pass. Gavin disengages a bit so they guy would have made the tackle had the runner been able to get away from the first tackler – 2.5
    15. Run Play: Defender comes across his face but he drives them to the sideline. This was a wash out play where they were setting up the cut back so he blocked it well. – 2
    16. Pass Play: Set up well and was blocking well, but the defender disengaged and went back to cover the running back. Play went away from him. – 2
  2. Second Quarter
    1. Run Play: play went away from him but Gavin was not able to get in front of him or reach him.  – 3
    2. Pass Play: His defender runs way around him. Gavin gets a hand on him and keeps him outside the pocket but he cannot engage and control him and the defender gets past him. – 3
    3. Pass Play:  They run a twist play against us, but Gavin picks up his guy perfectly. Unfortunately he doesn’t stay engaged and when the twister gets by Sapolu, his player gets a free release towards Mannion.  Mannion makes the throw fine, but Gavin needs to stay on the guy just in case the pocket breaks down, as it did. – 3
    4. Run Play: Goes away from him, but he does a great job pulling through and getting up field.  Does kind of walk at the end of the play and could have found someone to block. – 3
    5. Run Play: Defender drives across his face and when he drives him, he drives him backwards.  Back has to try and cut around him and his defender gets a hand on the runner.  – 3.5
    6. Pass Play: Dominates his defender.  Sets up and covers him very well with his feet. – 2

Unfortunately, due to my inability to get access to the film of the game (I was relying on the Pac-12 feed from their website) I cannot do the rest of the game. i did want to get this out and will work harder to get film of the games for future features.

From this small sample, Gavin would have received a 2.564 grade (thanks for the math help Beavered), which is pretty dang good.  if every player graded in the low 2’s, then they would win all their games.

Next week I will review Sean Harlow, since he will be going against Nate Orchard from Utah a lot. That should be a great battle. I would like to get more and more players out there, but I am going to stick with what i know, which is the line, because a lot of the other positions are obscured by the camera and I am not really qualified to discuss a lot of positions. I may venture out a bit, but we will see.

Let us know why you think we are a bunch of crap sacks... or if you love us. Or just want to say hi.