What This Guy Thinks About Utah

The biggest flaw in my ability to report on what I think and what I see is my innate bias towards the Beavers.  I was very confident going into the USC game because I saw all of their flaws and glossed over all of ours.

OSU needs to find a way to get their receivers open. They need to do a batter job handling twist stunts or delayed blitzes on the offensive line and they need to get pressure on Utah’s quarterback while staying disciplined so they don’t get burned on options or over the top for a big pass play.

There is a lot that OSU needs to fix in order to win against Utah, and for me, what I want them to do and what they actually do sometimes becomes a blurry line.  The thing is, they have the talent to be a far better team.  The players on this team, right now, are physically superior to most teams we have seen since 2000.  Along the young offensive line is some very good football players.  At receiver we have some speed and talent with two guys that have basically glue for hands. At tight end we have two potential NFL draft picks.

The defense is the same with three talented senior linebackers as well as very aggressive and very fast linebackers behind them.  The defensive line is missing Grimble, but has a lot of talent between Barnett, Gwatcham, Delva, Hautau, James and probably one of the best and most versatile linemen to ever play at OSU in Dylan Wynn. They have a pretty great secondary with Murphy, Zimmerman, Nelson and Scott. Throw in young talent like Justin Strong and Dashon Hunt and the pieces are there to be great.

So every week, I come to this point, on Beaver Game Eve filled with hope and filled with dread. Dread that I am underestimating the team we are about to play and hope that the team I know can be will show up and dominate.

Oh, and in that list of players I mentioned, I forgot to bring up a future NFL quarterback.  The pieces are there, it is time to bring them together and make this season something special.


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