Before I get into anything about that game…

I wanted to take the time to say that I appreciate the effort of the team, I appreciate the heart they showed to make plays when they had to for most of the game and how they left it all out on the field.

There were mistakes made for sure, and when they watch the film of the game it will be painful for a lot of them, but that should not diminish the fact that they out defended a defensive juggernaut, they had their chances to beat them and up until they end they fought hard.  Players like Dylan Wynn, Justin Strong, Michael Doctor, Terron Ward, Sean Harlow, Caleb Smith, Connor Hamlett and basically the whole defense should be proud of their effort.  I am sure they are sick to their stomachs today, and will hear all sorts of terrible things this week, but from this fan, I cannot express enough how much I appreciate how hard they played.

I also appreciate the coaching staff and their work.  It was a loss and there is a lot to clean up for next week against Stanford, but any critique I give this week will be about mistakes, mental lapses and maybe a philosophical issue or two.  What it will not be about is plays constantly getting in late, adjustments failing, abandoning the run, abandoning their identity or not preparing their team for what they would face.

Finally, as disappointed as I am, as crappy as my day overall was yesterday, I am ready for the next game and I feel like OSU has a shot. GO BEAVERS!

8 thoughts on “Before I get into anything about that game…

  1. rjrbeav

    Got issues with coaching: Year after (4-5 yrs. that is) year poor/piss poor O-lines, now why is Cavanaugh still on the staff? O-line can’t remember snap count, tight ends same problem, senior qb that can’t play big in big games! Poor clock mgmt./wasted time waiting for play to come in. Poor special team return plays, i.e, ko into endzone return to 10-15 yd line. Not so special are these teams, especially punt returns, as in NO returns at all in most games. The program is stagnant, conservative, stodgy, the opposite of dynamic, snail paced offense, in a recruiting rut (i.e., same old choir boys recruits) year after year. By chance did anybody notice that some of Utes best fb players are jc transfers? One final not: What the hell does coach Read do for this program?

    1. Peter Riley Osborne Post author

      SO you think that the line did that poorly against a team that had 28 sacks coming into the game and had 10 sacks against UCLA last week? You think that the offensive line that was able to grind out 112 yards on the ground despite basically having 9 in the box all game long is terrible. Or how about when they had to go without Andrews and had to go with Stanton for his first play ever. The mistakes on the line were the issues. The false starts, the bad snaps and the dropped passes made this a loss.

      Basically the Beavers did just as well as the Bruins and Wolverines against Utah, with recruiting classes that rank thirty points behind both those teams every year.

      This game was lost by mistakes, but that was a good team they played and to be honest, the system was good enough to win. Would your rather have UCLA’s team and record and pricetag?

      It was a tough loss, but to be honest, they did better than I thought when you have receivers that cannot get open. There are things they can improve on, but I think that people need to be careful what they wish for with Cavanaugh and Riley. Utah has the best speical teams in the nation and they held their returns to less than ten yards all game, and managed to have as good or better returns than anyone they have played all year.

      So I am sorry that I disagree, but I think that there are a few small tweaks from being much better, but for those that are tired of OSU, be careful what you wish for. Sometimes you do better, sometimes you get stuck in a spiral like ASU, UW, WSU, Cal, UCLA, Stanford, Colorado and Arizona did the last decade and a half…

      I will never be satisfied with a loss and I will not pretend that this doesn’t hurt the season a lot, but I am not going to pretend that players didn’t play hard and that the coaches didn’t have a plan that was capable of winning the game. Mistakes cost them, but everyone in the universe will remind them of that. I just don’t want the good things they did get lost in the mess.

  2. GoBeavs77

    I think you’ve got your orange-colored glasses on, Peter. I used to wear them as well. Not any more. Do I want the Beavers to do great? YES Do I cheer for them no matter what? YES But his staff and this team (love the players) are just not going to get it done. We are simply a 6-6 team or 7-5 team–and will be with this coaching staff. I resigned myself to that after hearing the same lame excuses and crazy statements from Riley OVER AND OVER again. So I will support the Beavers as I have since 1970. I’m just tired with the same excuses and the coulda, woulda, shoulda we hear every week for the past several years.

    1. Peter Riley Osborne Post author

      I am not sure why my saying that the players played hard or that I agreed with the game plan is orange colored glasses. They didn’t win and there are very concrete reasons why, and some disturbing trends, but ultimately, every media outlet that covers the Beavers will hash that out. All I wanted to do was write a note about what I saw, and that was players playing their guts out and coaches trying to go with what was working. If no one sees a change in the game plan then no one was paying attention. They did not abandon the run like they did at USC and they did not panic and start going away from what was working. They worked the lines wore down the defense so the could pass again and ended up getting over 200 yards in the second half after a field goal fest in the first half.

      Those are facts. We can be upset about the mistakes, and we can lament the loss. There are changes that need to be made, but ultimately just like UCLA failed against Utah and their front seven is responsible for the most sacks in the entire nation.

      So yeah, it sucks to come so close to winning and lose. It alway will suck to lose, but I will take this game over the USC debacle any day and no game is all bad or all good. It is ridiculous in my mind to see a game where a guy like Dylan Wynn destroyed their offensive line over and over again or a guy like Sean Mannion who struggled all first half to come out and make play after play in the face of the best pass rush in the nation not to at least give them props for their effort.

      We can cheer and boo and do whatever, but I am not going to apologize for looking at a double overtime game against a good team and acknowledging that there was a lot of good that happened. There was, unfortunately, just enough bad to ruin the night.

      Whatever people want to say, there are still six games left to play and OSU has the defense to be in all of them. Hopefully they can fix what issues they have and win more than they lose, but they still have to play them and I am still going to report on what I see. Good or bad. Popular or not.

  3. rjrbeav

    Maybe I could have made things clearer. What was my real pov? The last few years the team is in a rut, i.e., making the same mistakes over and over (time management? False starts by the same guys all the time?) ST not adding anything meaningful (w/1 exception) to the collective good. I have been going to games since the late 50’s. So I have experienced the bad times. What bothers me about the present, is that we are not progressing, not getting better (imo,) to willing to accept mediocrity, to afraid of change (imo) – ad infinitum. So my views are really not related to the last game, but rather relate to the flat line trend of the the program. I felt certain in the early 2000’s that we would occasionally get to another bcs bowl, maybe even the RB. Looking to the future now I see only mediocre, dissapointing football, not so much to go to games anymore!. Thanks for the opportunity to post.

    1. Peter Riley Osborne Post author

      Yeah, this last week was really disappointing, especially, as you pointed out, with the mistakes and clock management. Though I think there were other mistakes that were just as costly, but I understand. I had a previous post that was basically how I felt people were bored with the program, and I don’t think this game helps that at all. I will say that after this weekend, I would not be shocked to see OSU win against Stanford, UW, Cal and WSU as none of them look even remotely good. A loss to one of those four would be very sad in my book. We will see what happens, but this year is our best shot in a while. it will take a lot of improvement in terms of mistakes and by the receivers and line to win out this season, which is what they will need to do in order to have any big plans in terms of bowls. Looking at their schedule, ASU and the ducks look to be the last huge tests, but on the road at Stanford and UW is not exciting to me, despite my afore mentioned disenchantment with those teams. But if the Beavers can win the ones I think the should, you are at 8 wins, which I feel is not super expectable with the talent and experience they have on this team.

      But every week is a new one I guess and we will see how things shake out. I am just glad we don’t play in the south, because it is apparently much tougher…

      1. Peter Riley Osborne Post author

        Oh and you are always able to post here, I don’t really moderate much as I want people to be able to say what they want. It is good to see how other people view the team and the season, and just because someone doesn’t agree with me, doesn’t mean their points are valid or that I am not being ridiculous. I do both often…

        Oh, and I guess my P.S.S. would be thanks for being such a loyal Beaver. I appreciate fans that made it through the desert into some better Beaver football in this century. Go Beavers!

  4. blowcheese

    My position as a Beav football fan is i am in whatever stage of grief it is where you accept it will not get better, you narrow down your goals to the very basics and you detach from the results to save yourself the pain.

    This program IS in a spiral downward if you graph the win-losses over the last few years and the pilot seems to be looking for a place to crash land rather than recovering altitude and settting course somewhere. SUBJECTIVELY i saw this in Riley’s reaction to the FG to tie the game and force overtime. Relief and surprise are not what i want to see in the head coach when the team has somewhat blown a lead and now must gut it up and win again in overtime. What i want to see is a coach who expects that fg to be made and resolutely has a plan to win this thing in OT.

    Going back a few years there is a lack of killer instinct in this program. Everything is just “hang on”, try to avoid getting blown out and if you have the lead trying not to squander it. To wit, on the final drive of regulation we did not see one shot at the end zone when virtually the only passing success the whole night was the long ball to Villamin. Something is missing from attack mode.

    I first saw this in the 2010 CW when Riley kicked fg after fg to try to match organ’s TDs. The last time i saw something resembling a spine was during the 2008 All In season going for it against Missouri to win the bowl game.

    Riley is stubborn. He sees this as resoluteness but it blinds him to the possibilities. We now have Garret in the box this week. Will he be calling plays? When will the play calling improve? I don’t expect it will anytime soon but it doesn’t bother me any more. That’s where i am at.

    This is a one game season. I still believe that one game is in question. And i believe magic things can happen in that one game. I am saving my enthusiasm for that battle with the forces of evil in the hopes that Beaver Football can rise above the quagmire and find heroics within the darkness. Until then i am just staying calm. Basically hope for the best but i don’t think it’s happening. go beavs.


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