Sometimes you just have to flush one.

Saturday I got home in time to watch the game, only to find out that our power was out. No game, no DVR of game, no dice. Fortunately I had my smart phone with me and was able to get the game via an ESPN app. Unfortunately, I had about 18% charge on my phone, and again, no way to charge it.

Now many a fan would hit the road and find a bar or another place to watch the game. They would not have my daughters, nor the fortune of finally getting one of them asleep, so I was landlocked.

Normally, this would make me feel miserable, but within the 18% charge of my phone, i was able to watch about a quarter and a half, and that was about enough.

While the sound of broken bandwagon ankles is almost as deafening as the “I Told You So’s” who have ever disliked Riley, Mannion, Banker, Read, this version of this team or whatever myriad of things to be tired of with this team, I have one thought.

Flush it. Not the program, not the coaches, not the players, but the game. Sometimes, you have a game so bad that there is no reason to spend a lot of time on it because it only represents a bad game. Now, this year we have had two flushers. USC and Stanford. Colorado and Utah were good games with great effort spoiled by a few mistakes. This game was one of those where it looked like OSU prepared for the wrong team. Stanford is not as good on offense as we mad them look and honestly not as good on defense as we made them look. There were a lot of missed opportunities and a lot to be upset about.

But I am not ready to give up on a great QB or a good defense. Two flushers is two too many, but the season is not ending because we had a crapper of a game. There are five more and OSU better find some answers or some answers will be found for them. It is that simple, so I am going to suit up in my stupid shirts and jerseys all week, take the truck load of grief the duck faithful I work with will heap on me and hope for the best.

But after I write the Candy Report this week, I will give this last game zero thought because it is not worth it. I recommend the players do the same. Just like a DB turns their back on getting burned and lines up to try and get the stop again, the Beavers as a team need to turn the page on this and move on.

The coaches on the other hand, need to figure it out because they are going to see a whole lot of that the rest of the season. Outside of WSU, every team they play from here on out will run a hurry up spread offense so they better find a way to get pressure, to contain the perimeter and how to not lose receivers in the middle so that they are wide open. On offense we need to make sure we work to get first downs until they turn into touchdowns, not try and get touchdowns ever play. 3rd and 1 is a perfect time to work for just a first down.

Rough game and like the unmentionable disaster last year against the suck faces from Montlake or like John Canzano on Pure-Orange this game needs to never be mentioned. Unless it happens again next week. Then serious conversations need to be had, because this team and this school can be a contender and the current methods are not working for that. It can still be a decent year, but I am not sure I can see a championship from this regime until we go through a season with zero flushers.

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  1. Building the Dam (@BuildingTheDam)

    2 “flushes” in a month and 3 in 10 games is not a case of a bad matchup or some oddity; it is a demonstration of systemic problems. So is losing 6 of 7 to Stanford with talent and circumstances that should have produced a winning overall record. But a seriously flawed offensive line scheme that puts the rest of the offense in compromised situations and over-stresses the defense and special teams, will continue to necessitate flushing.

    1. Peter Riley Osborne Post author

      I agree with the systematic issue. My feeling this year is that I am all in for the players this year. There are five games left and they are going to happen whether we want them to or not. The moment the season is over, unless we close out with five wins, I think Beaver Nation and Bob DeCarolis need to step in and communicate with their wallets and their voices. Another couple losses this year with four of the worst defenses in the conference (ASU is pretty good) means that this will turn into a Craig Robinson type situation next year. They still may end up with a winning record, but without a Civil War win, it will be lackluster and uninspiring. Win out and you have to see how things are moving forward. Lose more than one and now you are looking at something that needs to change.

      As for the offensive line, I don’t think that is the issue. What was called? Seven step drops and long developing plays. Stanford is the premier defense in the conference and obviously has a great front seven. OSU had a lot of opportunities to move the ball and failed in them for a myriad of reasons. Harlow struggled, but Stanton played very well for his first game against a great defense.

      The pro-style system in general is far more difficult to block for than others because you have tight splits, you have to hold the defense for a long time on slow developing plays and you are not going to get much help with the run game unless they use fly sweep motion or trick the defense with pass/run blocking mix. There was one play where the Anderson was chasing phantoms because he thought it was a screen by the way the line was pass blocking away from the play.

      So I agree about the system issues, I think the offensive line issues are due to the system and not necessarily due to the schemes. I mean they are just blocking twist stunts and blitzes that are the same they have always been in the history of football. Their issues are that the teams they are playing are very good up front and we don’t try and take advantage of that. The only screen I saw in the first half came after a huge sack when they were not going to blitz anyway.

      Regardless, anything less than four wins should require some significant changes at OSU. This team is not low on talent, so the issues are elsewhere.

  2. blowcheese

    Yes flush it but not because the whole game was a a one off. It is happening more frequently- the team not showing up.
    Flush it because that level of play offers nothing to build off of. That atrocity was kragthorptastic.

    How do you cheer for a team and coaches that lack a will to win?

    1. Peter Riley Osborne Post author

      Well, I think that last statement is totally false. That game had nothing to do with will and everything to do with preparation and in game decisions. You cannot say that players didn’t play their hardest, just like you cannot say the coaches don’t care.

      I continue to cheer for the Beavers because I always will. There are five games left and I hope they win all five. In my mind, the time to demand change and make serious moves is not during recruiting season and with five games left to the point that it will make no difference. The time for changes is at the earliest shortly after the season and at latest after the bowl season.

      For those that want change now, what would that accomplish? Will they win more games? Will they finish stronger? Who would take over, Garrett? Banker? Who do you want leading the team? Would firing Read now improve things? At the end of the year there will be changes, i can guarantee it. Maybe huge changes if they lose out. And they will be just as effective as a change now, without hurting the players now, on this team. I do not believe that this is USC last year.

      I cheered for the Beavers when they never won, I am not going to stop just because they are not winning often enough. The coaches need to find answers and it is on them. The players will play their hearts out for them if they have direction and they can still win. Or not, but they have five games left and, to be honest, I am not a quitter.

  3. blowcheese

    well it sounds like you’re calling me a quitterI don’t know man I think you don’t understand how much grub I have in this gamehow much steak I have in thisI am an alumni of Oregon State University I have given to the program to the athletic department into OSU for o.ver 30 yearsI had season tickets before they had any winning seasons during the dark.I have been through everything you have been through no disrespectwe have different ways of supporting this programI do not believe blind faith helpscriticism is not the same as quittingI am disgusted bye lack of improvement in the program plecomplete blowout losses shouldn’t happen as much as they are

    1. Peter Riley Osborne Post author

      I should never insinuate anyone is a quitter! I know you are solid, I was just saying for myself, I cannot quit on the team, even when i want to puke over a loss.

      I would also say I have no blind faith, i just don’t think that there is anything that can be done right now. Many people think my lack of visible rage and attitude means I am ok with the losses. I am not. I just feel like, realistically, there is nothing that can be done right now to change it and I would rather support the team.

      OSU has lost to the best defenses they will play all year, by a mile. Their offense needs an identity and their coaches need to be more creative to help them out. The defense appeared in many cases to be unprepared and the blowout losses are not endearing. Now that OSU is into the “Easy” part of their season, hopefully they can get some wins.

      Unfortunately, this team is not elite, nor will it go to a BCS bowl. I am not sure we will see a BCS bowl in the near future unless there are huge changes to the staff. I also think that those changes will come, either through natural attrition or forced attrition. With two huge building projects on the docket, apathy by the donor base is the worst thing you can have.

      So we will see, but I think we can both agree on the disgust part. And probably the blind faith part, we just have different ways of expressing it.

  4. Blowcheese

    Throw the records out and how do you see wins on our remaining schedule?

    I’m not quitting- i am panicking. On the surface Cal and WSU seem like bad matchups for OS right now. The y are scoring against everybody they play. I want to believe Banker finds some magic beans and climbs the beanstalk of victory. We seem to be good at picking the ball off. Nelson is a good corner. Maybe we pick off enough passes to at the right times to keep these teams in the 30s or even 20s. That would be a hell of an effort considering even Utah and Stanford couldnt keep WSU out when it counted. But then what? Are we scoring 35 points in these games? Maybe Cal and WSU defenses are so bad that even though they have “the book” on Mannion and OS (everybody has it right?) suddenly the offensive line is blocking, receivers are getting open and Mannion is making plays. At best, these games are shootouts, maybe they will come down to the team with better clock management and two minute no huddle offense. Who would that be?

    I will be back here gloating about how wrong i was. Trying to get a reverse jinx going.

    1. Peter Riley Osborne Post author

      Yeah, it will take the offense getting going on teams with bad defenses and it will take our defense getting stops. Cal is a tough game, probably tougher than either of the Washington teams, but it will be a huge game for the Beavers. A loss there is probably going to cost people jobs. A loss against Cal and potentially WSU and it could be a four win season and a four win season will definitely cost people jobs and cost the Athletic department a ton of money as they try and cover the buy outs, get a new coach and staff and get one that will energize the fan base. it will basically kill the capital projects in the works.

      So no pressure, right?


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