The Official Candy Report: Cal

The hardest part about having a sports blog that is dedicated to one team is writing these types of posts: Re-hashing a game that was such a disappointing loss — while also trying to come up with solutions. All of this while being totally bummed that your favorite team lost. I know that in the grand scheme of things, the frowny face of Peter Osborne over a game is not the end of the world. Even in the face of supreme duck-dom that I face in Eugene.

The worst part, though, is something that is heightened by the current state of the two programs. It is apathy. Here is a statement that no Beaver fan would ever say, yet, comes from the lips of almost all duck fans:

“I usually root for the Beavers, except when they are playing the ducks.”

I want to punch faces when I hear that. Not because I care who they root for, but because that’s what you say about people or teams who are no threat to you. It is what I say about FCS teams with the same condescending tone. Watching the game this weekend, I saw the same apathy and disinterest within Beaver Nation.

So while there were some good things that happened in the game, as with all losses, there were more bad than good. I felt that the offensive line did a great job, with two players making their first and second starts ever. Jordan Villamin continues to improve, and the running backs are running hard and making quick decisions. The plays are getting in quicker and quicker and there seemed to be some flow to the offense in the second half.

These are good signs going into probably the easiest game on the schedule. Hopefully, the Beavers can find a way to win and some of their injured players will be ready. Getting Andrews back at guard could end up being a very good thing for the Beavers.

After this weekend, I am not expecting them to win out. I am not sure what I expect, but the games will not play themselves and I would just as soon the Beavers win. Changes, whatever they may be, can wait until after the season, but right now I just want to see guys like Dylan Wynn, Connor Hamlett, Michael Doctor, and Sean Mannion go out with a better finish than just a four or five win season. So as always, I will say Go Beavers!

2 thoughts on “The Official Candy Report: Cal

  1. blowcheese

    Way to say it, Beaver Fan.

    Yes Dukfan telling me they cheer for the Beavers inspires homicidal tendencies in me. I won’t kill my parents over that (because they are already old) but just wow, man. Is there anything worse? i especially do not like the way the schwag on cars and clothes increases exponentially when organ wins and then completely disappears after the loss. I almost think god makes sure organ loses periodically to clean the streets of that horrid mess.

    Back to the beavs- they are sure to win Saturday. All things point in their favor. Weaker opponent minus qb. getting some players back etc. But is there another win on the schedule? And how big would that other win be? Its sad to say this but 6-6 would be amazing at this point.

    1. Peter Riley Osborne Post author

      Yeah, i mean I don’t want to put any kind of cart before the horse at this point, but the development of Villamin, the success of Stanton and moving Andrews to guard are all wins in my mind. We went from averaging about 285 on our offensive line to averaging 300 with that one move, and it gives us a huge and strong body on the inside with Mitchell and Lauina.

      If Grimble comes back and Bennett and James get healthy, I am actually feeling better about our defense a bit and way better about our offense. Will that translate into a 6 win season? I have no idea. I do think the games will be competitive and OSU will be in some of them, so maybe, just maybe they can sneak out a win.


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