UW Post-game Thoughts

To say the Washington game was disappointing is an understatement. Coming off a thrilling win off then-No. 6 Arizona State, I expected the Beavers to come out against Washington fired up and ready to roll. Unfortunately, we all know what happened. In many ways, the game summed up OSU’s up-and-down season. Here’s several thoughts in wake of the game that have been running through my mind.

1. Play calling. Seriously, what’s going on with Riley and Co. when it comes to their offensive play calling? Why all the complex passing plays during short-yardage situations? At this point, I don’t care if they don’t get the first down, I just want to see the Beavers run the ball more. Maybe even more frustrating is that a lot of plays aren’t even close to moving the chains. Yes, the QB needs time to throw and WRs need to get separation, but too many plays are dead on impact.

2. Safety regression. Ryan Murphy and Tyrequek Zimmerman are fantastic athletes and were highly-sought recruits. But this season, they’ve experienced their fair share of lumps — more than you would expect from a pair of seniors. But I’m not saying it’s their fault. The coaches have asked too much of them, and aren’t putting them in position to succeed. They should be enjoying stellar seasons. If I am Riley, I’d be thinking of a way to get Mitch Meeuwsen back on staff to help coach up the safeties year.

3. Where’s the fire? Washington was reeling entering the game against the Beavers, having lost four of its last five games. And while their front 7 is one of the best in the nation, the Huskies’ offense leaves a lot to be desired. So Saturday was prime time for the Beavers to carry over the momentum from the ASU game and rout the Huskies. Instead the team came out flat, and judging from most of the coaches, it seems like their lack of emotion was infectious in a bad way. This was a game the Beavers needed to be amped for!

4. Poor TEs. I feel for a lot of the players on this year’s team. They deserved better than this. Honestly, this team should have 8 wins. But Connor Hamlett and Caleb Smith espcially have been robbed. Yes, because of injuries to the offensive line, they’ve had to help more in pass protection, but these guys deserved to be targeted more this season. Instead, most of their receptions have left them sitting ducks and easy to take down. Not getting them more involved somehow was a crime.

5. Anything can happen. The Ducks are cruising and look unstoppable right heading into the Civil War. But as last season proved, when it comes to the Civil War, you just never know.Maybe the Beavers pull off the unthinkable and win this year. If that happens, this disappointing season is a success for the Beavers — and they are bowl eligible. That said, injuries will make this game more of a challenge then ever for the Beavers. (RW)

What were your observations during the Washington game?

3 thoughts on “UW Post-game Thoughts

  1. Peter Riley Osborne

    To me, one of the worst calls was the two plays leading up to their fly sweep. The play prior to the sweep had sweep motion with just a single receiver split wide at the top. UW did nothing to adjust for it, so I thought that would be a good play to do again. The Beavers did as well, but instead of running it with a minimal formation, they ran it to the short side of the field with double tights. So in essence, they brought extra defenders over to the side they were running to. It boggled me to be honest, yet they still had a chance had Bolden cut up behind his blocker that was blocking out.

    Anyway, I just felt like that was a huge let down. There were other issues, but in my mind, the use of the fly sweep has been dumbed down to be similar to the use of some of our other running plays and is totally eliminating the element of deception. The fly sweep the Huskies ran was great because they ran it in tandem with a read option play and had fewer blockers because they were counting on the action in the backfield freezing some of the defense.


  2. blowcheese

    Riley has lost the pulse of this team. Not saying the team has quit but the energy level when it is there has no focus. I don’t know what happened to psyche the team up for the Assu game but i doubt it was anything the coaches did. It appears the players took it upon themselves for that game to keep a high motivation before and during that game. Perhaps that’s just young kids randomly pushing the right buttons in themselves and enough of them doing it to make it infectious. Sure seemed like they had fun dancing on the sidelines and standing on the benches while assu shivered quietly on their own bench.
    Anyway that was the aberration. What we have is a coaching staff with no idea or ability to push the buttons or inspire the team for more than a play or two. In place of an iron will we have a team of nice players who don’t play with an edge or focus or discipline. It is so easy to throw OS off its game it is impossible to tell what this team really has.

    Riley should do the honorable thing and step down if he won’t change his coaches and system.

    Like many fans I will be at the CW but my mind will be somewhere else trying to distract myself from the unpleasant reality of losing to hole while thousands of their silly quack fans rejoice for the 7th year in a row. Yes i am conceding a win right now. I admit it. Go ahead and think the worst about me. I feel shameful about it. Riley simply does not provide one shred of hope or even the slightest glimmer or spark to believe in. Judging by his comments so far this week he doesn’t believe a win is possible either, only that he will “try” to motivate his players. How are we supposed to get behind that weak, feeble approach?

  3. Building the Dam (@BuildingTheDam)

    I don’t understand why the entire program and institution has shifted from treating Washington as a “Big” game and committing all-out to it to treating it as a throw-away game, essentially conceding it by way of lack of preparation and commitment.

    It is to me, however, an extension of a larger problem where despite lip-service by the players and to a degree the coaches, it is apparent that the culture is one of not seeing every game, home or away, as a big game. That translates,even if only subconsciously, to inconsistent performance and a sense of being left in a compromised position.


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