Mike Riley ABC-1Who saw this one coming? Beaver Nation wanted change, and there will be some now! A couple quick thoughts:

  • This really came out of nowhere. If any coach from Oregon was going to get the Nebraska job, I thought it would be Scott Frost. I wonder how Riley even got on Nebraska’s radar. Did he approach them? And why Nebraska, after having chances to coach USC and others in the past?
  • As much criticism as Riley drew this season, it’s important to remember all the good he did for OSU. He really laid the foundation for the “turnaround” and during his second stint, brought stability for the program. And he did all of this the right way and with class. For that, Beaver Nation should always be thankful and grateful.
  • I really hope Riley can get to a big bowl with Nebraska and get that signature win he deserves so much. He’s not getting any younger, and must know his window of opportunity is closing, so going to a program with more resources gives him a chance to do something in a hurry. I wish he could’ve done it at OSU, but I hope Riley wins that “big one” and caps off a great career.

More on this shocking development later 🙂 And Go Beavs!

5 thoughts on “WOW, WOW, WOW!!!

  1. Tyler Hansen

    Sad day for OSU. Unless you get the absolute right guy, there are going to be ups and downs in places like Corvallis and Pullman and Berkeley and Tucson. I bet it was hard for him to hear just how much OSU fans didn’t understand the inherent difficulties of running a program like OSU and that many wanted him fired.

    I tell you what, there are a lot of happy fans in Lincoln, Nebraska right now. Good for Riley for getting a big opportunity like this.

  2. blowcheese

    Yes to good lucking Coach Riles. You were getting on our nerves but I am sure you are pleased to get away also. All welcomes wear out. You did a great job, then a good job, and then not so much. Hopefully you get your mojo back and not even in our league so Yay go huskers.

    Now, on to the real business- once again OS has gotten lucky, or actually benefitted from the long term Riley kharma to get a new coach and actually get some money from Nebraska to help pay for it. Although many of us could see the Riley system was no longer working at OS his sterling rep as a nice guy got him hired away and Nebraska probably had to pay some money for this (maybe?).

    So luck be a lady and i hope our AD is thinking straight. My first choice would be Bo Pelini and not just for the symmetry of the deal- he is a hard ass and OS needs a hard ass, our program is the softest in the conference by a mile. It worries me the guy was apparently a dickhead at nebraska but not so much we should ignore the guy is a winner and needs a job. Please choose Bo, dude.

  3. KVGBeav


    Win Win

    OSU is out of a lifetime contract

    Nebraska gets a class act that takes them back to the top.

    Sorry to see Mike go but I can’t help but wonder if a man with such dignity and class took this job really in his heart believing he was doing what was right for the school he loved and doing it in a way that as I said is a win/win for both programs and for him.


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