Stoked Brennan’s Staying!

Many in Beaver Nation breathed huge sighs of relief and exchanged high-fives after learning that Gary Andersen decided to retain Brent Brennan. During his four years with the Beavers, the wide receivers coach has proven to be an excellent coach, a strong recruiter, and a great all-around guy.

From a strict coaching perspective, look at who has flourished under Brennan’s tutelage: James Rodgers, Markus Wheaton, Brandin Cooks — just to name a few. Plus, his wide receivers this year made huge strides as the season progressed. Wide receiver, is without a doubt, the Beavers’s biggest strength heading into 2015.

A cursory look of his Twitter feed reveals a coach who loves his players and the Corvallis community. He has the WRs over to his house for holidays and other special events, and often attends other OSU sporting events with his family. He also enjoys American Dream Pizza 🙂 In a nutshell, he epitomizes the family atmosphere that OSU cultivates.

That’s why I was shocked that Brennan wasn’t the first coach Mike Riley announced would be joining him at Nebraska. Rumor has it Riley was only allowed to bring four OSU assistants, but still, it seemed like a no-brainer that Brennan would be one of the four chosen ones.But for reasons we might never know, he was left behind. It’s entirely possible he told Riley he didn’t want to leave, but all that matters is Brennan is still a Beaver!

And Brennan have plenty of talent to work with next year, and could help salvage this year’s recruiting class, especially if he can get Lavon Alston and Paul Lucas to sign with the Beavers. But more importantly, Brennan will provide much-needed continuity for the holdover players in wake of Riley’s still shocking move. And him staying is easily Andersen’s first win as Beavers coach!

Speaking of the other assistants that aren’t going to Nebraska (at least, not yet), it would be nice to see running backs coach Chris Brasfield and cornerbacks coach Rod Perry retained. The running backs were the most consistent part of the OSU offense this season, and recruits love him. Unfortunately, all is quiet on the Brasfield front.

Perry has been one of the Beavers’ best coaches, and players such as Jordan Poyer, Raashad Reynolds, and Steven Nelson are proof of that. Even though Andersen announced today that SMU secondary coach Derrick Odum is joining his staff, he could coach the safeties, while Perry focuses on the corners.

I would’ve liked Joe Seumalo retained as well, but he’s reportedly headed to UNLV. So I thank him for his dedication to OSU. He coached up some great players and some strong defensive lines. He also was very popular with the players. He will be a great asset for the Rebels.

And while the waiting game continues to see who Andersen fills the rest of the staff up with, Beaver Nation has to be stoked that there will be at least one familiar face on the sidelines next season. Go Coach Brennan! (RW)

One thought on “Stoked Brennan’s Staying!

  1. blowcheese

    Raju if Riley was limited to bringing 4 assistants it is pretty obvious that Banker, Bray, Read and Cavanaugh have seniority with Riley so Brennan got tossed to the trash heap.


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